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Lawyers Professional Liability

Unrivaled capacity, expert underwriting, and superior claims handling

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    Law firms of all sizes are presented with a variety of professional liability risk exposures. Munich  Re Specialty Insurance offers professional liability coverage that addresses those unique risks that your law firm clients face. We offer a wide array of solutions, underwriting expertise, and an unparalleled level of service through our select broker network. As your partner, we’ll help your clients’ businesses thrive today and tomorrow.

    Distinct advantages for your diverse clients

    Our coverage includes up to $5m in limits and a wide range of exposures. Other benefits include:

    • Customized coverage – Tailored to a firm’s needs, our coverage includes malpractice claims including misrepresentation, violation of faith and fair dealing, inaccurate advice, and obligation to pay damages for covered claims (including the cost to defend against those claims).
    • Experienced underwriters – Knowledgeable of the local market and lawyer professional liability exposures.
    • Best-in-class claims teams – Dedicated to handling professional liability claims and committed to expert, speedy claims handling.
    • Wholesale-only distribution model
    • Underwriting company, Bridgeway Insurance Company is rated A+ by AM Best*
    • Minimum 11 attorneys for Primary and Excess  
    • $5m limit capacity – can consider higher limits  
    • Non-admitted in all 50 states  
    • Admitted available in New York Free Trade Zone
    • Will consider all practice areas except Cannabis and Cryptocurrency
    • Can consider distressed risks  

    Coverage details

    Policy Form

    • Duty to Defend
    • Supplementary Payments:                
      • Disciplinary Proceedings
      • Subpoena & Deposition Assistance
      • Public Relations
      • Regulatory Inquiry
    • Broad Definition of insured to Include:
      • Independent Contractor
      • Predecessor Firm
    • Broad Definition of Professional Services
    • Innocent Insured Coverage for Intentional Acts
    • Personal Injury Coverage
    • Unlimited and non-practicing ERP options

    Available Coverage Enhancements

    • Public Officials
    • Mutual Consent on Defense Counsel
    • Punitive Damages
    • Career Coverage
    • Mergers & Acquisitions – increase reporting window from 30 to 90 days
    • Primary and Excess Non-Profit D&O sub-limit
    • Claim Expenses Outside the Limit of Liability
    • Title Agency Coverage
    • Expert Witness and Teaching Services
    • Ability to soften Hammer Clause
    • Risk management and loss prevention services including access to carefully compiled information and forms, continuing legal education, and real-time risk management advice from experienced legal malpractice defense and ethics counselors.

    Complimentary Risk Mitigation Services

    Munich Re Specialty Insurance offers Attorneys Risk Management from Barron & Newburger—a free comprehensive loss prevention service to insureds that purchase MRSI’s E&S Lawyers Professional Liability coverage.

    Insureds will receive:

    • Real-time, attorney-client privilege consultations with senior risk management attorneys
    • Practice tools and templates
    • State bar ethics rules and opinions
    • Five hours of ethics CLEs for each insured attorney
    • …and much more

    Checkout Attorneys Risk Management and share with your clients today!

    Claims scenarios

    Scenario 1:   Missed Statute of Limitations

    An attorney represented a client who was injured during a routine surgical procedure. The attorney failed to properly calendar the expiration of the statute of limitations and the deadline was missed. The client filed a suit against the attorney for failure to timely file the complaint and the suit settled for $150,000.    

    Scenario 2:   Conflict of Interest

    An attorney represented a husband and wife in drafting a premarital agreement. A few years later, the attorney was hired to represent the husband in divorce proceedings. After the proceedings were finalized, the wife filed suit against the attorney for failing to obtain written conflict waivers and the suit settled for $250,000.

    Scenario 3:   Negligence

    A wealthy client hired an attorney for estate planning services. During the representation, the attorney made an error in calculating owed gift taxes. After the client's death, the beneficiaries were required to pay a penalty to the IRS related to the error. The clients filed suit against the attorney for negligence and the suit settled for $500,000.

    Further information

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    Munich Re Specialty Insurance (MRSI) is a description for the insurance business operations of affiliated companies in the Munich Re Group that share a common directive to offer and deliver specialty property and casualty insurance products and services in North America.

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