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Facultative Engineering Solutions
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Facultative Engineering Solutions

Building on expertise and solid foundations

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    coverage and risk Solutions for Facultative Engineering
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    The construction of infrastructure projects as well as operational power plants, renewable energy and utilities.

    The insurance industry is under constant pressure to meet rapidly increasing infrastructure and electricity demands. Perpetual changes in the technology, materials and building practices used to scale construction projects and their operation complicates matters further still.

    This calls for an experienced insurance partner with complex and comprehensive cover solutions. Our ability to adapt and combine expert technical knowledge with tailor-made insurance covers makes us particularly well-equipped for the role. We provide traditional or non-traditional, proportional and non-proportional, in single or multiple locations.

    Insurance coverage for Facultative Engineering
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    Engineering risks are as varied as individual industries and construction projects; there can be no one-size fits-all insurance product.

    To respond to complex demands and enable industry clients to realize their objectives, we develop customized risk transfer solutions. Our global approach is based on highly specialized engineering and construction expertise, backed by the financial capacity and underwriting excellence of the respective risk carriers of Munich Re.

    Despite this international stance, our regional units are responsive to the unique needs of each local market and deliver targeted products and services to meet those needs industry clients rely on us as a strong partner throughout their individual projects or operational life cycles.

    We provide specialized engineering coverage for owners, operators, contractors and investors.

    Munich Re Group's portfolio reflects the needs of our clients: project operators, contractors and power plant owners seeking proportional and non-proportional insurance covers, typically via a specialist insurance broker. By adapting and combining engineering insurance products, we develop high-performance solutions to the most complex and demanding industry risks.

    Facultative Engineering risk
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    CAR (Contractors All Risks)

    CAR (Contractors All Risks) insurance for all types of construction projects, including challenging infrastructure and underground developments such a roadways, bridges, tunnels, airports, seaports, hydropower plants, dams, minas, etc. Depending on the risk and the market, ALoP (Advance Loss of Profits) products can be integrated.

    Facultative Engineering Insurance
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    EAR (Erection All Risks)

    Insurance for all types of erection works, including petrochemical and chemical companies, power plants production facilities, wind and solar farms, pipelines, etc. Depending on the risk and the market, ALoP (Advance Loss of Profits) products can be integrated.

    Facultative Engineering
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    Operational All Risks Insurance

    Insurance, including business interruption coverage for power generation plants, co-generation facilities, hydroelectric facilities, wind farms, etc.

    Facultative Engineering Insurance Solutions
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    CECR (Civil Engineering Completed Risks)

    Insurance, including loss of use for bridges, roadways, tunnels, dams, etc.

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