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Individual Life

Growing relationships and providing solutions that create real value

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    Incredible challenges facing the industry also present extraordinary opportunities 

    In approaching this era of change, Munich Re Life US is intent on seeking new sources of data and providing fresh insight in order to help you expand and serve new markets. Munich Re was among the first to recognize that digital transformation is fundamental to our shared future. We are one of the world’s leading providers of reinsurance and insurance-related risk solutions, with a proven track record of deep risk expertise, innovative thinking, a solid capital base, and a fundamental understanding of the capital management needs of primary insurance companies.

    A partnership approach designed to help you adapt and grow successfully

    Munich Re Life US takes a unique partnership approach to our clients' business. We’ll be there to help you embrace the future with all the digital world has to offer. We’ll be there to help you leverage new sources of data to uncover new markets. And we’ll be there to provide the guidance necessary to help you thrive in a shifting landscape.

    Offering superior capacity and the facultative expertise to place even your largest cases

    Through our industry leading Super Pool program, Munich Re Life US provides the capacity you need to support all your important, high profile distribution demands with a streamlined process. Supported by our experienced and knowledgeable Special Case Unit, we have the agility to navigate the large case market without reliance on retro, assisting you in placing even your most challenging cases.    

    Underpinning it all: the power of social good

    Life insurance is a critical bedrock of a healthy society. We provide financial strength in times of need to the millions of individuals benefiting from the vital protection of life insurance. We are reconnecting with the people who need it most–the underinsured gap–upwards of 100 million Americans and their families.

    Leveraging the technology that is driving the future

    New technology such as wearables, bots, digital assistants, prescriptions and personal medical files have the potential to replace the need for fluid testing by providing alternative insights.

    Medical advancements  are reshaping the traditional thinking about disease, disability and associated risks, therefore, we’re already utilizing predictive analytics, machine learning, AI and data lakes to help us keep pace with customers’ changing needs and preferences.

    Learn more about Integrated Analytics

    Understanding your priorities enables us to deliver higher value 

    Understanding each and every client—markets, products and unique requirements—is a critical component of our partnership strategy.  As the landscape of the U.S. insurance industry shifts dramatically, we are poised to deliver higher value. We provide a suite of services to help our clients adapt and grow successfully while remaining focused on a rigorous approach to risk management.