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Evidence for good
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Evidence for good

Turning medical research into actionable insights for Life & Health insurance.

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    Medical expertise to protect portfolios and improve wellbeing of policyholders

    Munich Re's team of global medical experts provides our clients with up-to-date information and advice, including deep regional knowledge and perspective, to address the critical needs of individuals while pricing risk sustainably.

    Translating the latest data and trends

    As the pace of medical advancement quickens, it’s vital that insurance companies keep up. Across key areas like cardiovascular health, cancer mortality, and mental health, our global medical experts identify and synthesize the latest and most impactful sources of data. That’s how we support evidence-based decisions for our clients and better outcomes for policyholders.
    In a market flooded with innovation, it can be difficult to determine where to funnel resources for maximum benefit. Our medical experts gauge the efficiency and impact of established and emerging solutions, advising on where best to focus further investment and development. The result is evidence-based solutions and insight for our clients, and improved quality of life for policyholders.
    Our medical experts recommend ways to assure and expand insurability – even to those previously considered uninsurable –while protecting portfolios. As medical advancements and societal shifts alter the risk landscape, our team of experts conduct rigorous analysis, following the evidence to find new solutions for assessment. By strengthening protection for our clients and their policyholders, we support a healthier, more vibrant society.

    Insights on expanding insurability

    Meet our global medical experts

    Get to know some of our leading global medical experts, who apply their clinical and epidemiological experience to the insurance realm. Their ongoing guidance and unparalleled insight set Munich Re’s Life and Health solutions apart.
    Gina Guzman
    Dr. Gina Guzman
    Vice President & Chief Medical Officer
    Munich Re Life US
    Timothy Meagher
    Dr. Tim Meagher MD, FRCPC, FACP
    Vice President & Medical Director
    Munich Re Canada (Life)
    Bradley Heltemes
    Dr. Bradley Heltemes, MD, DBIM, FAAIM
    Vice President and Medical Director of R&D
    Munich Re Life US
    Alban Senn
    Dr. Alban Senn
    Chief Medical Officer, Head of Medical Research & Development
    Javier Gracia San Román
    Dr. Javier Gracia San Román
    Chief Medical Officer
    Southern Europe and Latin America
    Andreas Armuss
    Dr. Andreas Armuss
    Chief Medical Officer
    Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa
    Matthew Paul
    Dr. Matthew Paul
    Chief Medical Officer
    Australia & New Zealand
    Hao Liu
    Dr. Hao Liu
    Chief Medical Proposition Officer