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Top 10 reasons to consider a sensor solution

Protect your property from losses due to water leaks, humidity, temperature changes and frozen pipes by using a sensor system.

Designed to help prevent damage

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Water leaks and frozen pipes are common losses. Our commercial-grade sensors are built to last and designed to help minimize losses due to water, temperature changes, mold, humidity, or frozen pipes.

Uses cellular technology

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Our sensors aren’t integrated into your Wi-Fi network, so they don’t use your bandwidth and are reliable, safe, and secure. Plus, they are battery powered and keep working if the power goes out.

Provides 24/7 monitoring and support

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If you need assistance or have an issue, you can talk to a real person at our U.S.-based Monitoring and Support Centre. Now that’s peace of mind.

Simple and inexpensive to install

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Anyone can install our sensors. They are simply placed on the floor or attached to a wall or pipe. No plumber or electrician is needed. The sensors are standalone, portable, compact, and smart.

Monitors multiple locations or floors

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We have options that let you monitor one or two locations in a single building or multiple locations across a campus using long-range sensor communication technology, one gateway, and our user-friendly mobile app.

There when you can’t be

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You don’t have to be on-site in order to receive alerts. If the sensors detect an issue, you will get an alert on your mobile phone. If you need to take action right away, our Monitoring and Support Centre will call you to make sure you are taking care of the situation.

Offers potential savings

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While insurance may help you recover from a loss financially, certain losses may not be covered and you may have to pay a deductible. Repairs are quicker and less expensive if the problem is caught early.

Helps prevent downtime

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Regardless of what kind of organization you own or operate, a claim is an inconvenience and a burden. Our sensors can alert you as soon as a problem arises, so you can take care of it quickly and not have to close your doors for lengthy, major repairs.

Collects data you can use

Data collection and battery level
Our sensors don’t just tell you when you have an issue, they also collect helpful information such as temperature readings and battery levels.

Keeps data secure

Secure data collection
Our encryption and separate cellular gateway keep your data safe and help you maintain the security of your wireless network.

Find out how Sensor Solutions by HSB™ can protect businesses from major losses, reduce claims, and ensure peace of mind.

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