Residential area with homes monitored by sensors

Leak and Freeze sensor

Protect from water and freeze damage

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    Powerful warning system packed in a tiny smart sensor

    Water and temperature icons
    Measures water and temperature presence, protects from damaging water and freeze loss,   and is easier to install and use than any smart water sensor on the market.
    Secured sensor data stored on the cloud
    The sensor sends information to our secured cloud regularly. If it senses an issue, it will send an alert to the registered mobile device and our Monitoring and Support Centre.
    Cellular tower transmitting and receiving data to and from sensors
    Our system does not use Wi-Fi but instead transmits data via cellular tower. That way, information is more secure and will continue to operate even if power is lost.
    Alerts received to electronics devices such as a smartphone and tablet
    Alerts are sent via text and email. No one needs to be on-site to “hear” an alarm. Our Monitoring and Support Centre will call if issue could result in a loss if not resolved.
    HSB Leak and Freeze sensor
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    DIY, no tools required
    Cellular connection, no Wi-Fi needed
    Built-in LTE connection, no IoT Gateway needed
    Built-in ambient temperature sensor
    Easy activation with pull-tab-to activate process
    Simultaneous notifications via email and text
    Audible alarm when leak detected
    Automatic firmare updates
    Water resistant
    LED indicator to show connection status
    Dimensions: 2.25" x 2.25"
    Operating Temperature Range: 0°C to 50°C
    Operating Humidity Range: 20% - 80% RH (Non-condensing)

    Minimize losses and claims

    • Detect water from leaking appliances
    • Detect leaking pipes
    • Detect flooding from failed sump pumps
    • Detect freezing conditions that could lead to pipe-bursts
    Damaged pipe leaking water
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    Monitor properties 24/7

    Homeowners and businesses can rest easy knowing their property is being monitored 24/7.

    Alerts are designed with HSB-engineered algorithms to enable greater accuracy and minimize false alarms.

    Catch issues early, so there is less (or no) downtime for repairs.

    Find out how our Leak and Freeze sensor can protect homeowners and businesses from major losses, reduce claims, and ensure peace of mind.

    Residential area connected with sensors
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