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Liability solutions for every business
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Liability solutions for every business

Munich Re F & C specialises in tailored solutions to complex and individual liability risk scenarios.

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    Liability solutions from an insurance partner who truly understands your industry

    Human error, mechanical failure, accidents – all businesses, from manufacturers to service providers, can face substantial indemnity risks. They are an unavoidable part of doing business. In many industries, liability risk scenarios have become extremely multifaceted and challenging to assess – a trend that is continuing.

    Risks should not pose an obstacle to business success: an experienced partner with a deep understanding of the challenges you face can deliver the support you need. In close cooperation with clients, the liability experts at Munich Re F&C are well experienced to write and handle coverages for required liability risk scenarios.

    Our dedicated, experienced underwriting teams have a market-leading level of liability insurance experience. We provide substantial capacity through both retail and wholesale distribution channels, directly or via a captive ‒ worldwide. We offer local underwriting support in Munich, London, Paris, New York, Chicago and Singapore.

    • Public liability
    • Product liability
    • Product recall
    • Environmental liability

    Products out of scope: motor liability, aviation product liability, marine liability, patent infringement and worker’s compensation.

    Type of participation

    • Excess
    • On market standards or bespoke wordings
    • Coinsurance or 100% layers 
    • Worldwide coverage for domestic and global risks

    Attachment point

    • Worldwide excl. North America: Minimum €10m depending on industry
    • USA: Minimum US$ 100m for US offshore placements, minimum US$ 50m for US onshore placements
    • Canada: Minimum Can$ 25m depending on industry

    • Automotive
    • Chemical
    • Construction
    • Food 
    • Hospitality/entertainment 
    • Media 
    • Mining 
    • Oil & Gas 
    • Other manufacturing industries 
    • Pharma/bio-and life sciences are of interest outside North America only 
    • Railway/transportation 
    • Real estate 
    • Retail/wholesale 
    • Telecom 
    • Utilities 

    No appetite for tobacco, hospitals, medical centres, medical malpractice, blood banks, blood products, fire arms, bomb manufacturing, or asbestos-related cover. 

    4 reasons why you should talk to us

    The main focus of Munich Re F & C covers is public and product liability insurance. Depending on your risk  appetite and limits insured, we support various programme structures. We also consider long-term agreements because believe in strong partnerships.

    In an ever faster and complex world, product recalls impact financial results tremendously. Increasing environmental exposures are another great challenge for our clients. Munich Re offers custom-tailored solutions that help respond to these risks.

    Munich Re is experienced partner to cover complex product recall and environmental liability.

    As a market or segment leader in your business you could benefit from our long track record of participation in numerous industries which enables us to understand your specific and global risk exposures. We are capable of delivering solutions in order to promote your company’s strategic plans.

    Work with an insurance partner who truly understands your industry and your needs.

    Our liability experts’ approach is to understand your risks in-depth and help to protect against business litigation relating to personal injury and third-party damage. We have access to the expertise of our in-house risk-engineering services with available loss-analysis data, and expert knowledge of emerging developments.

    Your benefits in a nutshell

    You can benefit from our long track record of participation in numerous industries and our cross-disciplinary expertise
    We are thorough in assessing even the most complex liability scenarios. We tailor covers to customer needs and make prompt and fair claims payments.
    Our focus is on service. Maintaining close ties to clients is important to us. Building trust is crucial for ever-more complex liability scenarios.

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    Monika Hauke
    Monika Hauke
    Chief Underwriting Officer Casualty
    Munich Re Facultative & Corporate
    Victor Schultheiss
    Victor Schultheiss
    Underwriting Manager, NA domiciled risk placed offshore via UK/Europe brokers
    Miriam Wilbert
    Miriam Wilbert
    Underwriting Manager, Europe & RoW domiciled risks (excluding London market & Australia)

    About Munich Re Facultative & Corporate

    This solutions is provided by Munich Re Facultative & Corporate. Munich Re F&C bundles the worldwide facultative & corporate business in one unit. This gives us even more power to serve our clients and brokers to sustainably expand and accelerate the insurance industry - while allowing us to explore new opportunities beyond our traditional business.
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