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Reinsurance Property/Casualty

World-leading provider of reinsurance and insurance-related risk solutions

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    The requirements in insurance and reinsurance are increasing with ever more complex risk scenarios. To enable our customers to overcome difficult challenges and remain competitive, we support them with reliable solutions and products along the entire value chain.

    As a leading reinsurer, we are a full-service provider in the area of risk assumption and master the entire range of traditional reinsurance as well as innovative risk assumption solutions. Our property and casualty experts translate your needs into tailor-made solutions (including Risk XL, Cat XL, stop loss or quota share) and support you in transferring your risk.

    In our regional presences, local knowledge meets global expertise. Our experts understand your individual requirements. With our comprehensive underwriting- and risk-management expertise, we tailor our solutions to our clients’ needs.

    Our close proximity to the markets enables us to identify trends at an early stage and to expand the boundaries of insurability thanks to innovative solutions. With a global knowledge network and experts from almost all areas of research, we are constantly improving the quality of our risk assessments, and can develop new solutions from this knowledge and give our clients a clear competitive advantage.  


    As a leading agricultural reinsurer, we offer our clients around the world tailored agricultural solutions that go well beyond the standard approach to reinsurance. Working with us enables you to benefit from our financial strength, our expertise and our global experience in supporting insurers of agricultural risks.


    Global Consulting is a trusted advisor in primary insurance. We engage with our clients through continuous dialogue and ongoing collaboration. We advise along the entire value chain to drive performance and to develop business models for existing and emerging risks. 


    We will support you in distributing your risk load across many shoulders when ground-breaking future ventures are at stake: such as launching a satellite into orbit that will allow people around the world to access the internet. Or when building a bridge or tunnel using completely new technology. Businesses and investors looking to rise to such challenges need to have security, otherwise no progress is possible. You as the insurer of such projects need to have a strong partner, who will not only share in the risk but also support you with know-how and services.

    Natural Catastrophes

    Loss potentials from natural disasters such as storms, floods or earthquakes are rising at an alarming rate. In times of growing economic interdependencies, globe-spanning supply chains and changing risks resulting from climate change more and more assets are exposed to natural catastrophes.

    Retroactive Reinsurance

    Primary insurers face an ongoing challenge in optimising their risk and capital situation. This requires a sharp focus on maintaining adequate levels of technical reserves – both for ongoing business and run-off.

    Risk Transfer

    In certain parts of the world, especially in places that are often hit by severe natural catastrophes, insurance penetration is still very low. Together with NGOs, government agencies and supranational organizations, we are working to introduce innovative solutions and preventative measures to help the world's poorest countries become more resilient.


    We develop solutions for our clients and with our clients, which allow businesses to insure themselves against cyber and data security risks. And what we offer goes far beyond traditional insurance: from legal advice, wording analysis and support in technical risk assessment all the way to providing access to experts and service networks. We can also offer you white-label design concepts for cyber products.

    Data Analytics

    We not only draw on our own years of experience, but have also built up networks and work together with a number of technology companies, so that we can seize the opportunities created by new technologies – for ourselves and for our clients. Our emphasis is on digitalisation. With the help of digital tools and platforms, we not only become more efficient ourselves, but also help you to flexibly tailor your own insurance products to exactly what your customers need.