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Enabling the mobility transition

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    The mobility landscape is in swift transformation: Countries phase out combustion engines in favor of electric vehicles, and battery technology advances. Building confidence in the reliability and performance of this technology is paramount for customer acceptance and a seamless transition. Both manufacturers and suppliers play a key role in fostering trust, ensuring sustainable financing, and guiding this significant shift in mobility.

    The new auto world comes with new challenges

    Transitioning from traditional ICE to advanced battery and fuel cell technologies is more than just a mechanical shift. It's a paradigm change. EVs and FCEVs may have fewer parts, but their value is significantly concentrated, shifting power dynamics away from manufacturers, towards suppliers. With customer perceptions shaped by experiences through personal devices, the expectation of long-term battery performance and reliability is heightened. This evolving scenario, coupled with the rapid pace of technology advancements and missing experience, ties significant capital in long-term reserves, adding to financial risks and warranty uncertainties. This new mobility landscape carries its own set of complexities, in pressing need for innovative solutions.

    Munich Re’s E-Mobility Warranty Cover

    In response to these challenges, Munich Re introduced an E-Mobility Warranty Cover, enabling our clients to provide the warranty promise their customers demand, while protecting them from the long-term uncertainty these warranties bring. It also provides a flexible and effective risk management solution that can be tailored to individual requirements. This cover ensures the protection of vital investments, fostering stability and confidence for both suppliers and manufacturers.
    Warranty Gap
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    Your benefits at a glance

    Free up trapped capital, facilitating efficient business scaling
    Select from a range of tailored solutions, therefore pricing flexibility
    Stay at the helm of your customer experience, while our cover runs quietly in the background

    Why work with us

    Innovation at core
    We are tackling green tech and emerging technology risks that defy conventional norms. We're not just about insurance innovation, we're a safety net for technology innovation.
    Industry expertise
    Our team of industry experts and years of experience provide our clients with unparalleled knowledge and support in navigating the complex and evolving E-Mobility landscape.
    Financial strength
    Backed by the financial strength and stability of Munich Re, a global leader in the insurance industry with an AA- rating, you benefit from reliable and long-term insurance solutions.

    Green Tech Solutions

    Munich Re’s Green Tech Solutions has been providing innovative insurance solutions for clean technologies for over a decade. Our global team of experts pools resources and know-how not only in the field of E-Mobility, but also in the many industries connected to the energy transformation.

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