Munich Re Cup

Originating in 2015, the Munich Re Cup began as a Canada-wide actuarial business case competition and is now the premier actuarial case competition open to students in Canada and the United States. 

Participants receive an opportunity to develop and apply their analytical, presentation, and problem-solving skills to a real-world business problem. The competition affords unique networking opportunities that will provide them with exposure to Munich Re leadership and industry professionals.

Why wait to get real-world experience? Gain insights into the world of reinsurance and explore career options.

If you are an Actuarial Science student in the U.S. or Canada looking to apply your analytical skills, learn more about reinsurance, and engage with Munich Re leadership.

Congratulations to our Munich Re Cup competition winners!


First place team, University of Manitoba

  • Benjamin Haverstick, Coveena Kosambi, Priyanka Sharma, Jagnoor Bhandohal

Second place team, Western University

  • Nina Cheng, Yaqin (Emily) Li, Fengrui (Sam) Tian, Yangsijia (Scarlett) Wang

2021: University of Manitoba
Celia Dang, Hui Lin Cheong, Kevin Wong, Yash Katyara

  • Second place: University of Toronto
    Daisy Ding, JiaQi Zhao, Prinsa Gandhi, Rachel Yang

2020: Concordia University
Jacob Blair, Catherine Dagenais-Roberge, Ioannis Volakakis, Daniel Sylvestre

  • Second place: University of Manitoba
    Alexandre Morakis, Emilia Markovic, Mathis Penner, Shannon Fitzhenry

2019: University of Waterloo
Adaijah Wilson, Jasmine Sirohi, Jillian Zhu Ge, Ryan Goldford

  • Second place: University of Manitoba
    Bailey Villarba, Maria Santiano, Shaharyar Noordin, Victoria Leong

2018: Concordia University
William Duguay, Karl Hansen, Vanessa Mailhot-Franco, Mohamed-Amine Mekideche

2017: University of Manitoba
Melissa Hrichishen, Riley Dirks, Alexander Loscerbo, Frederick Sackey

2016: Concordia University
Ryan D'Orazio, David Tagliamonti, Roxanne Côté and Jasmine Lemay-Dagenais

2015: University of Manitoba
Bradley Abells, Jordan Gerry, Taylor Mitchell, and Kelly Ramsay