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Inland Marine coverage
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Inland Marine coverage

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    Our inland marine solution is a unique offering combining elements of engineering (CAR/EAR), property, cargo, warehousing, and fine art and specie coverages to protect mobile floating property, property in transit or in storage, and property used in the course of construction. Munich Re Specialty Insurance leverages the strength of Lloyd's to offer primary inland marine insurance solutions to our partners in the United States.


    • Capacity of $30m
    • Property related to inland marine
      (no monoline — max per location) $5m
    • Natural catastrophe cover $15m
    • Motor truck cargo $2.5m


    Domestic US exposures

    Coverage details

    • Builder’s risk
    • Related contractor property including buildings, trailers, business/personal property, and business income
    • Transportation (domestic)
    • Rigger’s liability
    • Contractors equipment
    • Motor truck cargo legal liability
    • Installation floaters
    • Equipment sales and rental
    • Exhibition floaters
    • Fine arts

    Target industries

    • Reputable general contractors and developers (single projects and master programs)
    • Equipment rental operations
    • Iron and steel works
    • Light manufacturing
    • Medium haul trucking – general commodities
    • Subcontractors
    • Street and road
    • Well servicing contractors 
    • Mobile medical equipment
    • Electronic data processing
    • Steel erectors

    Out of appetite

    • Transport of automobiles, pharmaceuticals, electronics
    • Traditional recycling operations
    • “Down the hole” energy risks
    • Logging equipment
    • Tunnel boring operations
    • Structural remodel and heavy existing structure exposures
    • Vacant buildings

    Partner benefits

    • AAIS, Proprietary and Form-Following wordings
    • Primary or quota share
    • In-house claims team renowned for quality handling of all aspects of loss and recovery
    • Stand-alone coverage
    • Rapid turnaround from local underwriters
    • Regional appetite with significant aggregate available

    Additional information

    • Minimum premium: $20,000
    Contact our experts
    Jennifer Hopson
    Jennifer Hopson
    Inland Marine Regional Manager
    Jaymee Parker
    Jaymee Parker
    Head of Inland Marine
    Munich Re Specialty Insurance
    Karen Rzeszutko
    Karen Rzeszutko
    SVP, Chief Underwriting Officer, Marine
    Munich Re Specialty Insurance
    Juliette Edwards
    Juliette Edwards
    Underwriter Inland Marine
    Dee Pershay
    Dee Pershay
    Inland Marine Regional UW Manager

    Further information

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