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Political Violence and Terrorism Insurance
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Terrorism and Political Violence Insurance

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    Terrorism and Political Violence insurance covers businesses against unforeseen acts carried out for political, religious or ideological purposes that can adversely affect any company, big or small. Some of the most common perils we offer protection against are:

    - Terrorism & Sabotage (S&T)

    - Strikes, Riots, & Civil Commotion (SRCC)

    - Malicious Damage 

    - Political Violence (Insurrection, Revolution, Rebellion, Mutiny & Coup d’état) 

    - War / Civil War  

    - Counter-Insurgency 

    The growing team is based in London and can assist clients with their business across the world via Lloyd’s licensing rights.

    For further information, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of specialists. 


    Underwriting limits

    We’re happy to discuss your client’s requirement and build a proposition based on their needs.
    up to
    USD 100m
    for Terrorism, Sabotage, Strikes, Riots, Civil Commotion & Malicious Damage perils
    up to
    USD 35m
    for Political Violence and War/Civil War perils
    • Property Damage  
    • Business Interruption resulting from Property Damage (extra expense/loss of profit/loss of revenue/loss of rent & delay in start-up/advanced loss of profits for construction risks)
    • Contingent Business Interruption (denial of access, loss of attraction, customers & suppliers and many others on request)  
    • Construction/Engineering/Builder’s Risk (up to a 72-month period)  
    • 3rd Party Terrorism Liability  
    • Full Terrorism lenders’ interests where necessary  
    • Cyber Terrorism  
    • Malicious Attack/Active Assailant/Active Shooter  
    • Event Cancellation following an act of terrorism or threat thereof  

    We offer solutions based on each individual client’s needs, in terms of scale, territory and industry. Some examples of the businesses we cover are:

    • Offices (from SME’s to Multinationals)  
    • Hotels, Entertainment Venues, Shopping Malls and Retail Outlets 
    • Manufacturing and Industrial Assets
    • Power and Utility Companies   
    • Construction and Engineering 
    • Fine Art Exhibitions & Storage
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    Dan Hillier
    Daniel Hiller
    Group Head of Terrorism & Political Violence
    Henry Blackett
    Henry Blackett
    Senior Terrorism & Political Violence Underwriter
    Melissa Brooks
    Melissa Brooks
    Assistant Underwriter, Terrorism & Political Violence
    Michael Morgan
    Michael Morgan
    Senior Terrorism and Political Violence Underwriter
    Alex Gregory
    Alex Gregory
    Assistant Underwriter, Terrorism & Political Violence


    Our claims specialists are here to help with your queries.  

    Please note: If you’re the policyholder and have bound cover through an insurance broker, please contact your broker to lodge a claim on your behalf.

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