Fine Art and specie
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Fine Art and Specie Insurance

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    Fine Art and Specie insurance is a specialised niche of the insurance market that protects valuable goods, such as cash, bullion, diamonds, fine art and valuable documents.

    Our team of underwriters and insurance specialists can help your clients by creating tailored solutions, based on their specific requirements . The Munich Re Syndicate underwrites a global portfolio, ranging from museums, galleries and private collections, to cash in transit operators, mines and banks.


    What can we cover?

    Our Fine Art and Specie insurance provides all risks of physical loss or damage coverage for high value items. We create bespoke products and serve both private individuals and commercial clients, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, all across the world.

    Our products include insurance:

    Fine Art – museums, commercial galleries, auction houses, private collectors, exhibitions, specialist packers and shippers;

    Jewellers’ Block  -   all aspects of the jewellery trade, including wholesalers, manufacturing, retail and private collections;

    General Specie – precious metals, mining, vault risks, securities, financial instruments and documents of high value;

    Cash in transit - insuring the cash management industry for risks associated with the transportation, processing and storage of cash and valuables.

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    Madeleine Bradnam
    Madeleine Bradnam
    Group Head of Fine Art & Specie
    Alexia de Lecaros Hemmons
    Alexia de Lecaros Hemmons
    Senior Fine Art Underwriter


    Our claims specialists are here to help with your queries.  

    Please note: If you’re the policyholder and have bound cover through an insurance broker, please contact your broker to lodge a claim on your behalf.