Liability Insurance
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Marine and Energy
Liability Insurance

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    Our marine and energy liability insurance offers bespoke risk solutions for a wide range of companies from small to medium-sized companies through to multinational corporations.

    We offer coverage on primary and excess basis.

    Our team of specialists includes not only underwriters with more than 25 years' experience but also risk managers who can help with site surveys, asset reviews and liaising with clients on technical and safety issues. 

    The growing team is based in London and can assist clients with their business across the world via Lloyd’s licensing rights.

    What can we cover?

    • Protection and Indemnity

    • Charterers Liability

    • Ship repairers Liability

    • Ports and Terminal Liability 

    • Stevedores Liability

    • P&I Club Reinsurances

    • Marine Employers Liability

    • Pollution Liability 

    • Upstream Exploration and Production Liability

    • Oil Pollution Act (OPA)

    • Service Contractor Liability

    • Drilling Contractor Liability 

    Underwriting limits

    up to
    USD 75m

    We can offer cover to

    Third party shipping companies and operators in marine and energy industry.

    For a full understanding of who we can help, get in touch with our team of underwriters. 

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    Scott Harris
    Scott Harris
    CUO Casualty
    Chris McKellow
    Chris McKellow
    Group Head of Marine Property/Senior Liability Underwriter
    Hannah Kingham
    Hannah Kingham
    Liability Underwriter


    Our claims specialists are here to help with your queries.  

    Please note: If you’re the policyholder and have bound cover through an insurance broker, please contact your broker to lodge a claim on your behalf.

    For Munich Re Syndicate press enquiries, please contact our media relations specialists.