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Customer Promise

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    Munich Re is one of the world's leading risk carriers in the insurance and reinsurance industry. Each of our fields of business is among the best in its class, including acting in a responsible manner and adding value for the group and for society.

    At Munich Re Syndicate Limited, customers are at the core of our business and we have designed this Customer Promise to explain how we intend to continuously deliver the highest quality of service. This Customer Promise outlines the ways in which we deal with our customers through the relationship with their brokers and our network of distributors and claims service providers.

    We deal with our customers in a reliable, principled and dependable way. We communicate openly, honestly and clearly.

    This Customer Promise is shared by each of our employees throughout our organisation as we tailor our services and solutions to each of our customers. We aim to provide a simple and straightforward approach to insurance, taking great care to develop and provide insurance products suitable to our customers’ needs. We offer the best possible solutions – through our knowledge, innovation and cooperation. We aim to give our customers more choice and more innovation to decide how our products and services serve them best, making sure we provide excellence, quality and a strong financial foundation.

    Where we or our distributors offer advice, we are committed to taking into account the customers’ circumstances and provide a suitable product.

    We strive to deliver clear and timely information before, during and after the point of sale to help our customers understand our products, pricing and services. We are committed to providing straightforward insurance documentation.

    We prioritise delivering reliable services and professional claims handling, supporting our customers promptly, accurately and efficiently. Our claims philosophy is at the heart of our operations to remain effective and meaningful to our customers.

    Professional management of risks is part of our day-to-day business.

    Insurance is a promise for the future which we embrace together.