Political Risk and Credit Insurance
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Credit and Political Risk Insurance

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    Our Credit and Political Risk team are able to provide effective insurance solutions for our clients’ needs.

    This can range from Non-Payment coverage for limit relief or capital optimisation, to Political Risk coverage protecting assets and investments in Emerging Markets.

    The growing team is based in London and can assist clients with their business across the world via Lloyd’s licensing rights.

    Underwriting limits

    We’re happy to discuss your client’s requirement and build a proposition based on their needs.
    up to
    USD 50m
    each line
    • Political Risk Insurance maximum tenor 15 year
    • Non-payment by Sovereign Obligors maximum tenor 15 year
    • Non-payment by Private Obligors maximum tenor 7 years (15 years for Project Finance)
    • Non-payment insurance protects businesses against the risks of non-payment or non-performance by a state-owned or corporate counterparty. 
    • Political Risk insurance protects assets or financial investments against the risks of government intervention and political violence events. Perils covered include expropriation of assets, cancellation of operating licenses, forced abandonment of assets, currency inconvertibility, embargo, and political violence and war


    For non-payment/non-performance we offer cover to:

    • Financial institutions 
    • Public agencies/multilateral agencies
    • Commodity traders 

    For political risk we offer cover to:

    • Financial institutions
    • Corporates 
    • Equity investors  
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    Victoria Buckingham
    Victoria Buckingham
    Group Head of Credit and Political Risk
    Alex Platts
    Alex Platts
    Senior Credit and Political Risk Underwriter
    Tom Bolton
    Thomas Bolton
    Credit and Political Risk Underwriter
    Ella Davis
    Ella Davis
    Senior Credit and Political Risk Underwriter


    Our claims specialists are here to help with your queries.  

    Please note: If you’re the policyholder and have bound cover through an insurance broker, please contact your broker to lodge a claim on your behalf.

    For Munich Re Syndicate press enquiries, please contact our media relations specialists.