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Cargo Insurance
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Cargo Insurance

Comprehensive cover for cargo risks

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    We understand the risks your clients face, and we know how to help

    Our team of underwriters work closely with insurance brokers to offer robust cargo insurance solutions which are tailored to suit policyholders’ specific requirements. Our solution is designed to cover your clients' goods, and mitigate their financial risks.


    Cargo and Stock Throughput insurance can provide coverage for the physical loss of or damage to goods whilst being transported, whether by road, rail, air or sea, with an optional extension available to cover goods in storage, outside the ordinary course of transit.
    Irish and European domiciled companies, from small and micro to large and corporate, involved in the supply, manufacture and/or distribution of goods by road, rail, air or sea freight, including risks requiring a stock-throughput solution.
    • Timber and lumber, unless containerised (excl. storage at lumber yards)
    • Tyres written on a stock throughput basis
    • Yachts
    • Arms / ammunition
    • Any commodity written on extension clauses
    • Temperature controlled pharmaceuticals
    • Precious metals
    • Mobiles phones and tablet computers
    • Cigarettes, processed tobacco and vaping devices
    • Livestock
    • Bulk commodities
    • Fine and rare wines or spirits
    • Chilled seafood
    • Freight forwarders as agents
    • Bank notes, coins, bonds and the like
    • Aquaculture or fish catch
    • Iron ore fines
    • Automotive (including car transporters)

    Additional information

    • We can write risks 100% or on a subscription basis
    • Stock must have related purchase and sale transits

    Why work with us?

    Accessible expertise
    Our team of underwriters and claims personnel are accessible directly, ready to support you and your clients' needs with our specialist expertise.
    Strength in service delivery
    The service which we deliver to brokers and policyholders alike is something which we pride ourselves on, and brokers rely on.
    A Munich Re company
    We're part of Munich Re Specialty Group Limited, which means we're supported by the financial strength and stability of Munich Re.

    Get in touch with us

    Insurance brokers looking for more information about our cargo insurance solution for their clients can contact our team.

    Making a claim

    If you are looking to make a claim, you should contact us as soon as possible. Details on how to make cargo insurance claims can be found on our claims homepage.

    Frequently asked questions

    Cargo insurance typically covers all risks of physical loss of or damage to goods during transit, imports, exports and domestic carriage, including any incidental storage. Storage outside the ordinary course of transit can be added as an extension to a cargo insurance policy.
    Where cargo insurance is required by any business that manufactures or buys or sells finished products, components or raw materials.

    Stock throughput insurance provides coverage for goods which go into a storage warehouse before onward distribution to the end customer. For a business involved in import, storage and distribution or which has a continuous flow of goods, a stock throughput insurance policy can offer:

    • Insurance coverage for inbound transits to the storage premises, whilst there, and subsequent delivery to the final customer.
    • Coverage at own or third party storage premises.
    • Cover for multiple transits between premises and to or from customers can be included.
    • Cover for the goods on site or at customer’s premises. Munich Re Risk Solutions Ireland may be able to provide cover for stock at retail locations.

    Cargo insurance is generally available to or from ports or places worldwide; however

    • terms and conditions may vary for countries where there are higher than normal risks of war or terrorism;
    • cover may not be available where trade is subject to international sanctions;
    • cover may not be available for the inland leg to or from the port in countries where the infrastructure is poor or where there is an unacceptable theft risk;
    • some countries require insurance to be placed locally or restrict the terms of sale or purchase (Incoterm) that can be used.

    The information provided in this content is intended for Irish insurance brokers acting on behalf of their prospective or existing clients.

    Any description is for general information purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any product. Policyholders who have questions or wish to arrange or amend cover should contact their insurance broker. Insurance brokers can find details of how to contact us here.

    Any descriptions of coverage contained are meant to be general in nature and do not include nor are intended to include all of the actual terms, benefits, and limitations found in an insurance policy. The terms of any specific policy will instead govern that policy. Any guidance for Irish insurance brokers is intended to provide general information only, and should not be used as a substitute for legal advice.