Project Spark Design Thinking Workshop Athens, 21-23 October
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Project Spark Design Thinking Workshop Athens, 21-23 October


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    With great pleasure and excitement, we completed the Design Thinking Workshop, our first community event, held on 21-23 October in Athens.

    This journey started in May, when we launched MRHT Community, a peer networking space for our customers, to offer exclusive content, training webinars, and industry reports, and with the outmost goal to enable the Voice of the Customer. Through the community, we have established an active and continuous dialogue with our customers regarding their business needs, so that we can act upon their feedback faster, enhance our products and provide a truly customer-centric experience.

    In the context of the MRHT Community, we introduced Project Spark, an ideation initiative that aims to gather the most significant real-life work challenges that our customers are facing. After an extensive process of idea submission and voting, the most voted ideas were collected and formed the basis for this workshop. Our customers enjoyed three days full of creative activities, insightful presentations, productive discussions, and collaborative tasks addressing four business areas that were identified by the most voted ideas: Customer Engagement, BI and Analytics, User Experience, and Smartification. We were thrilled to welcome our customers in Athens, and we are really looking forward to next year’s event!