Celent’s independent briefing note on SMAART
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Celent’s independent briefing note on SMAART


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    We are more than honored that Celent, the expert research firm, a division of Oliver Wyman, has prepared an independent briefing note on our Sophisticated Monitoring and Analysis of Risk Tool (SMAART), an out-of-the-box business monitoring and performance improvement solution.

    Constantly monitoring technical ratios and other metrics in this business is a “must” not only to identify rooms for improvements but also to anticipate negative outcomes. SMAART helps health insurers to track key performance indicators at various levels but more precisely it provides deep insights on the evolution of their technical ratios. With today’s data and technology, it is possible to obtain granular information on various dimensions and SMAART allows deep analysis of specific business operations including group policy renewals and network analysis for instance.

    Making informed decisions based on reliable data on technical insurance performance is a challenge for decision-makers.

    Download this briefing note by Celent and learn more about the full functionality of SMAART and how it can support the daily decision making in health insurance.
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