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Transparancy for a sustainable cyber insurance market
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Transparancy for a sustainable cyber insurance market

Bold steps are needed to continue protecting a thriving interconnected future.

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    Cyber resilience is more critical than ever.

    Around the globe, cyber risk resilience is a critical component of ensuring a bright, dynamic, and thriving future in which people, businesses, communities — even the economy — are protected. ​ 

    Working with clients, brokers and partners, Munich Re takes a sustainable approach to cyber risk management, serving the needs of the market with clearly defined coverages that complement efforts for robust cybersecurity. 

    Join us in cultivating a sustainable cyber insurance market. 

    Shape the digital future of the insurance industry together with Munich Re

    Our unique approach

    Solutions for every market segment
    We offer solutions for all segments: from standard products for individuals and SMEs to tailored products for industry clients.
    Leader in the cyber insurance market
    Cyber criminals confront us with complex challenges. Recognizing trends and translating them into suitable solutions is our goal.
    First class expertise
    We invest extensively in expertise and work closely with stakeholders to gain a clear understanding of what can and cannot be protected against.
    Bengt von Toll
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    We facilitate a sustainable and profitable cyber insurance market together with our clients, in order to let them grow their business with confidence.
    Bengt von Toll
    Head of Cyber Business, Europe and Latin America

    Join us in our commitment to a sustainable cyber insurance market, and a resilient future - contact us today!

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    Bengt von Toll
    Bengt von Toll
    Head of Cyber Europe and Latin America