HSB Fast Track Trading Tips

HSB Inspection and Engineering Insurance

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    • Access under the product tiles ‘HSB Inspection Services’ and ‘HSB Machinery and Technology Combined’
    • Three covers are available:
      • Inspection Services
      • Sudden and Unforeseen Damage (SUD)
      • Inspection Services and SUD
    • A ‘suggested items' list has been added to the customer journey. This will greatly reduce the time taken to populate a schedule containing multiple items of plant by presenting a list of the 20 most common items of plant associated with the trade previously input. This is also available when quoting for multiple locations.
    • All inspections must be carried out at the specified locations (no option for moved-about plant (MAP)
    • Site contact details are required for each location, otherwise we cannot arrange/provide an inspection
    • Insurance excess default: £100
    • Insurance limit of indemnity default: £1M
    • Insurance OSP limit: £2M as standard
    • Next inspection date defaults to 60 days after inception. Need an inspection sooner? Simply submit as a referral and we will work with you on this.
    • Any additional items of plant at the customer's premises which may not have been listed on the plant schedule provided, and is of a similar nature, will automatically be inspected by us.