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Software Health Insurance Eligibility Detector


Software Health Insurance Eligibility Detector

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    In the age of digital disruption, Munich Re HealthTech gives you the resources to stay a step ahead. As a leading global specialist in digital solutions for the health insurance, we understand your pain points, speak your language, and anticipate your changing needs.

    More than 25 years ago, we began designing software to simplify the complex world of insurance. Today, we help insurance companies, brokers, agents, and third-party administrators transform processes and manage complicated individual and group health insurance businesses. Driven by innovation and a quarter-century of expertise, we work closely with insurers from all around the world, providing the tools they need to create insurance products, maximize profitability, and launch new business models.

    How can we help your business?

    Providing the innovative solutions you need

    At Munich Re HealthTech, we develop our software solutions based on real customers’ needs, our in-depth knowledge, and our expertise. We leave nothing to luck, and we are dedicated to what we do. We constantly invest in R&D to release products relevant to your evolving needs, the challenges and constraints you face in your daily operations.
    Our solutions are designed to help meet your needs today and into the future!

    What makes us unique

    Global reach
    28 organizations in 21 countries
    25+ years specializing in health insurance
    Strong partnerships
    We team up with Oracle’s proven technology
    Our highly skilled professionals bring a strong engineering mindset
    Awards and certifications
    ISO/IEC 27001, 9001 Certified and Celent XCelent Services 2018, 2020 & 2022
    Proven offerings
    We provide comprehensive, market-proven solutions

    Who trusts us with their business

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