In Case of Breakdowns

My equipment has suffered a breakdown. What do I do now?

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    Relax, we've put together a few suggestions which will assist us all in processing your claim as quickly as possible. Please keep in mind, though, that the Policy actually defines your responsibilities after a breakdown and while the following suggestions do not alter these obligations, they will make the handling of your claim a lot easier.

    Whenever you suspect that a Breakdown has taken place, notify your Broker or HSB Canada as soon as you can. As well, many jurisdictions require that they be notified in the case of breakdown or damage to pressure equipment. Please check with your local jurisdiction to ensure that you are in compliance with the local regulations.

    We recognize that certain equipment plays a vital role in the continued operation of your business and if you need to make repairs immediately before we have had an opportunity to look at the affected equipment, go ahead and do so. All that we ask is that you save the damaged equipment or parts for examination by one of our representatives at a subsequent date. We also recognize that in some circumstances it may be impractical to retain these items, in which case call us to discuss. Together, we can come up with an alternative solution.

    It's often a good idea to obtain at least two bids for the repair of your equipment. If it seems that the equipment is beyond economic repair, the bids should include the replacement equipment costs as well. It also helps us to expedite the claim process if the bids are itemized in respect to materials and labour costs.

    If there is food spoilage involved, it is important to let us know about it right away. Very often, we are able to have a representative on site promptly to view the affected product prior to its disposal.

    For business interruption claims, we are going to need to see indications of your business activity before and after the breakdown. As well, in order to ensure that we reimburse you everything you're entitled to, keep track of your business activity during the breakdown period and make a note of any additional expenses or costs you may have incurred in order to minimize any reduction in your business activity. It's just a reminder, but please remember that you are required to take whatever steps you can to reduce any business loss.

    If you're having difficulty locating temporary equipment to help keep your business running, please call and let us know about it. Our claims and engineering staff can often help by putting you in touch with rental equipment providers as well as repairers and suppliers of replacement equipment and parts.

    At HSB Canada, we understand that equipment breakdowns can sometimes be a source of added concern. By involving us in the claim process at an early stage, we can work together in ensuring that the process unfolds smoothly and rapidly.