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Do I need personal cyber insurance and is it worth it?

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    Simply put, if you use a computer, smartphone, or a connected device, store data electronically or access it online, or use online banking, this coverage is for you.

    Homeowners need to protect themselves from cyber threats, as digital devices, smart homes, connected devices, cloud computing, online banking, and other online remote services increase their exposure to an attack. Cyber insurance is built to protect against losses caused by cyber threats, and to recover stolen identities.

    Important factors to keep in mind when considering cyber insurance

    Your personal information is valuable
    Cyber criminals buy and sell personal information on the dark web for profit, with the aim to commit fraud.
    Antivirus software is still vulnerable
    Even with antivirus software, you could still be vulnerable to computer attacks as new viruses continue to emerge.
    Specialized coverage that isn't found in typical policies
    Typical personal lines policies do not cover losses caused by these cyber threats.
    Cyber insurance is an affordable coverage
    Home Cyber Protection is a comprehensive insurance product and costs as low as a few cents a day.

    From cloud storage, game consoles and streaming platforms, to connected home devices, online banking, and virtual environments, cyber risk is everywhere.

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