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Top 10 reasons you need cyber insurance

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    A cyber attack happens every 20 seconds

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    In fact, the odds of you becoming a victim of a cybercrime are greater than experiencing a loss due to flood or fire.

    A data breach can be devastating

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    Being a victim of cybercrime and responding to an attack is highly costly, and can damage or cripple a small business.

    Cyber risks are constantly changing

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    As technology evolves, so do the risks that threaten your business and the data you use. Having insurance to protect against new and evolving risks is critical.

    Hackers are highly organized criminal teams

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    Cybercrime is big business, and is not just perpetrated by individuals, but often by highly organized criminal teams from nation states.

    Nearly all businesses are at risk

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    If you depend on a computer, tablet, smartphone, or the internet to conduct business, you’re exposed to cyber risks. Digital devices can be entry points for cybercriminals.

    You don't have to be a big business

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    Nearly half of all data breaches target small businesses. Cybercriminals are looking for vulnerabilities, and small businesses with outsourced or underfunded IT departments often have them.

    Cyber insurance is affordable

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    Compared to the cost of other types of business insurance, cyber coverage costs less for the level of protection it provides.

    You don’t have to be targeted by a criminal

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    Cyber insurance also helps to respond to an unintentional leak of personal data or records.

    Businesses don’t often budget for cyber risk

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    If you don't have insurance to cover cyber risk, this type of loss could put a small business out of business.

    Cyber insurance is comprehensive

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    Our cyber insurance includes coverage for computer attacks, data breaches, cyber extortion, liability, and identity theft.

    No matter the type of business, where it is located, or how much time is spent online, businesses need cyber insurance.

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