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HSB Total Cyber™

Comprehensive cyber insurance

HSB Total Cyber, available through MGAs, is designed to provide protection from a wide range of cyber risks, tailor-made for small to mid-sized enterprises.

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Anyone is at risk

Cyber criminals can seemingly break into any computer system in any organization, from major corporations to credit bureau companies. If large, sophisticated organizations with robust cyber defenses can be penetrated, what chance do small and mid-sized businesses have?

Coverage highlights

Data compromise response expenses
Identity recovery
Cyber extortion
Data compromise liability
Computer attack
Network security liability
Electronic media liability
Misdirected payment fraud
The cost of cyber risk events is significant. Of the small to mid-sized businesses that were attacked, 58 percent said it cost them less than $100,000, and 41 percent stated it was at least $100,000. Most business classes are eligible for HSB Total Cyber and a separate application is not required.

Total Cyber is currently available through MGAs. To learn more: