Businessman on laptop vulnerable to data exposure because of technology and private information

Data Compromise coverage

Helping small to mid-sized businesses respond to a data breach

HSB ’s Data Compromise coverage helps small to mid-sized businesses respond to a data breach. It covers costs of notifying those affected, and includes valuable professional help to respond promptly and properly to preserve business relationships and reputation.

Businesses and institutions have a responsibility to safeguard the data of clients, employees and others. Small to mid-sized companies are vulnerable to data breaches by computer hackers, thieves and dishonest employees, or data can be lost through an accidental or inadvertent release. Yet many businesses lack the resources to respond effectively.

The damage to a company’s sales and reputation depends on the actions it takes in response to a data breach. HSB's Data Compromise coverage is designed to help small to mid-sized businesses investigate a data breach, notify affected individuals, and provide fraud alerts, case management and other services that help prevent identity theft and fraud following a breach of personal identifying information.

Coverage includes:

  • Legal review for notifying those affected by the breach
  • Forensic IT help to determine the extent of the breach and who was affected
  • Preparation and production of notification letters to affected individuals
  • Notification of the data breach to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada and regulatory authorities
  • Fraud alert for persons affected by the loss of personal information
  • Identity restoration case management for identity theft victims
  • Public relations services to help respond to the potential impact of the breach on business relations

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