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The value of an HSB inspector

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    For over 145 years, HSB Canada’s inspectors have set the standard for boiler and machinery inspections for the insurance industry.

    Their primary focus is to conduct a complete and thorough in-service inspection of insured boiler and pressure vessel equipment to ensure compliance with applicable jurisdictional regulations.  

    These inspections help prevent avoidable losses, assist with meeting the requirements of the jurisdiction, and support business owners with the safe operation of equipment.

    What is a Jurisdictional Inspection?

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    Jurisdictional inspections are conducted in Ontario and Quebec.  After a boiler  or  pressure vessel has been installed and put into service, jurisdictional inspections are required by  provincial  authorities on a periodic basis to verify that  equipment  is  being operated and maintained in accordance with recognized standards.  

    These recognized standards have been developed by  Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA),  CSA B51 Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code,  Régie  du  bâtiment  du Québec  (RBQ),  National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors (National Board),  National Board Inspection Code (NBIC),  and  the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).  

    As an example, a  jurisdiction may  require an annual internal and external inspection of high-pressure boilers. These in-service inspections may involve a visual assessment of conditions with regard to materials, operating conditions, leaks, corrosion, water chemistry, controls, overpressure, and low water protection, as may be required by law.

    The inspector may, as applicable, also verify that adequate logs are maintained or observe the testing of applicable controls and safety devices during an operating inspection. Once the inspection is complete, the inspector will submit a written report to the jurisdiction either requiring corrective action or recommending issuance of an operating certificate.

    How we deliver value to our clients

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    HSB  Canada  leads the industry in jurisdictional inspection  activity.  Our team of around 40 inspectors and engineers  across  Canada  provides prompt, high-quality inspection services to a variety of clients. The team  also offers underwriting and loss control support through risk identification  and  loss mitigation.  

    HSB  supports its inspectors with modern technology to improve operational efficiency.  Inspectors are equipped  with  tablets  for mobile computing, which enables more efficient inspections, real-time database updates, and instant access to jurisdictional rules.  

    HSB inspectors and engineers  provide quality jurisdictional inspections, identification, and reporting of potential property loss risks, and incorporate  technological advances into our existing processes. By delivering a consistently high-quality  service  in these four key areas,  HSB inspectors  continue to demonstrate their value  to policyholders, brokers, MGAs and  primary insurers.  We believe technology and data analytics will continue to accelerate the evolution of the role  of inspector and engineer,  and strengthen the relationship between HSB and  our  clients.  

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