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Quality Management Program

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    Loss Control is one area where mistakes can be more than just costly. They can mean the survival of your business – and even put people at risk. There is no room for error.

    HSB Professional Loss Control (HSB PLC) knows the value of professionalism and expertise. We extend it to all parts of our client relationships, including the critically important area of accountability.

    To give you and your stakeholders the peace of mind and confidence you look for in a risk management partner, we offer a rigorous Quality Management Program (QMP). It clearly specifies and documents the services we provide to you, laid out in a timely, accurate report tailored to your specific needs. The end result: clearly defined expectations and no misunderstandings.

    How the program works

    The Quality Management Program (PDF, 804 KB) is governed by a proven process of strict internal reviews. This insures that no report is delivered before it is thoroughly vetted

    First, an HSB PLC Company Officer reviews your requirements with you. Based on your needs, a Project Manager and Client Service Coordinator are then selected to partner with you. The Project Manager develops a service plan that addresses the scope you've defined. We review that service plan with you, and confirm that it matches the scope.

    The Project Manager communicates with you frequently to ensure that deliverables don't deviate from the service plan you've approved. A highly qualified team of HSB PLC professionals is assembled to serve your account and the Project Manager orients them to your service plan.

    For the duration of the project, the Manager actively monitors:

    • Work Status (sets milestones for task completion)
    • Cost (ensures adherence to the project budget)
    • Change (adjustments to the service plan, team, etc.)
    • Testing (supervises testing and acceptance procedures)

    Throughout the QMP process, your Client Service Coordinator tracks work status using our proprietary account management information tool. We can also arrange regularly scheduled status reports for you, and even provide you with location-specific status and assignment information.

    Our Consultants conduct scheduled surveys and prepare reports (formatted to your specifications, per the service plan) to document their findings. Reports are reviewed for technical content by the Project Manager and Client Service Coordinator to ensure that all elements of the service plan have been addressed.

    Review criteria include:

    • Consistency (loss expectancy and recommendations for similar hazards)
    • Completeness (narratives, calculations, test results, etc.)
    • Accuracy (appropriate standards applied correctly)
    • Problems (the Project Manager notifies you immediately if a large loss potential, major fire system impairments, improperly closed valves, or other serious problems found).

    Once the review has been completed, the Project Manager documents his review and provides it to the Consultant that prepared the report. Reviews are graded and used to support our continuous improvement process. Periodic process audits are also conducted to ensure quality. Reviews are completed within 10 days of the report delivery date.

    Once the Consultant has made any necessary corrections (as confirmed by a follow-up review), the report is delivered to you using your preferred delivery method. Completed reports are stored by HSB PLC for three years, or as per your requirements. We also 

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