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Energy efficiency for businesses and homes

Business energy efficiency

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    Our commercial energy efficiency program customers benefit from both a combination of HSB on-site energy efficiency recommendations and custom self-serve calculators to assess efficiency, savings and options that reduce costs through improved operational efficiency.

    Energy consumption amounts to about 40 percent of a building’s operating cost. Utilizing energy efficiency practices can reduce this cost by a third.

    Identifying potential energy savings

    HSB’s staff of almost 400 technicians conducts a half million onsite jurisdictional inspections every day of boilers and pressure vessels – a businesses’ biggest energy users.

    Our technicians may spot an energy-saving opportunity and include recommendations to improve efficiency in a follow-up loss prevention report. Our recommendations are often simple, actionable and affordable, yet can result in immediate and sustainable savings.

    Here are some examples:

    • Excess scale on a boiler wall creates an insulating effect, so more fuel is required. Remove the scale and start saving immediately.
    • Soot on the fire side of a boiler is often an indication that incomplete combustion is taking place in the burner, wasting fuel. A “tune up” could save an insured $50 for every $1,000 spent for energy.
    • Leaks to a boiler’s piping or steam traps necessitate new water to be brought into the boiler to replace what has leaked. Fixing the leaks saves wasted energy and money.

    Almost every piece of equipment has opportunities for energy efficiency that can be easy to correct. Learn how to start now (PDF, 7.7 MB).

    Home energy efficiency

    HSB offers home energy management tools to help homeowners increase energy efficiency and cost savings. With average home energy costs rising, homeowners value trusted advice on reducing energy consumption and costs. Home policyholders who participate in our program can use our MyHomeWorks website, which has interactive tools and tips to improve their homes’ efficiency and save money.

    Home energy management service suite

    • Virtual home tour – Policyholders will discover energy and money saving opportunities in every room on this interactive tour.
    • Home efficiency center – Authoritative information to help homeowners evaluate new energy sources and get guidance to improve energy efficiency.

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