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Introducing Precision Ag coverage from HSB

Protecting the state-of-the-art equipment, data, and technology that farmers rely on

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    New risks are on the horizon for today’s farmers

    HSB has been protecting farmers - large commercial enterprises and smaller, family-run farms - for years. As the risks they’re exposed to evolve, so does the coverage and protection we offer.

    For today’s farmers, data and technology are king. They utilize both to be more proactive and competitive in an ever-changing market by gaining efficiencies in fuel and fertilizer costs, soil management practices, and irrigation application.

    Because modern farms rely so heavily on digital technology, they are vulnerable to risks in ways they never were before; risks that point to unique insurance needs.

    Precision Ag meets those unique needs by providing stacked coverage, designed to work together seamlessly without the potential gaps of some standalone insurance products.

    This enhanced coverage can do it all, protecting stationary equipment, key farm implements, electronics in the cab, and cyber risks. Which means equipment breakdown or data loss doesn’t have to result in irreparable damage to the farm.

    HSB includes HELIXintel as a built-in benefit of Equipment Breakdown coverage and our Sensor Solutions by HSB™ program.
    Watch the video to learn more about Precision Ag coverage.

    Insuring against equipment breakdown

    Farms depend on a wide array of costly equipment and machinery - from irrigators, GPS, and equipment in the cab. Much of that equipment is controlled by sensitive electronics vulnerable to damage. Yet no insurance has been available that covers the risks most important to farmers - until now.

    HSB’s Precision Ag coverage offers new protection for growing equipment breakdown risks. Coverages can be configured to fit your farm owner’s product, your pricing strategy, and the needs of your policyholders.

    HSB’s Precision Ag includes these groundbreaking enhancements:

    • Electronics in the cab
    • Farm implement coverage
    • Renewable energy
    • Future loss avoidance
    • Disruption of farming operations

    Protecting farm implements

    HSB’S Precision Ag coverage includes an option for mobile farm implements and the precision electronics that control them.

    Covering mobile farm implements and the electronics for precision farming is crucial. Precision Ag is insurance that addresses not only the physical breakdown of farm implements, but also invisible-to-the-eye microelectronics damage and firmware failure within their controls.

    Covered mobile farm implements include seeders, spreaders, sprayers, tillers, and their controlling electronics. HSB’s Precision Ag has advanced to cover both breakdowns to portable agricultural implements and undetectable damage to sensitive micro-circuits or firmware failure. Now you can fill a major gap that has existed in farm owner’s insurance. 

    Protecting electronics in the cab

    The cab is the command center for farm implements, and the microelectronics in the cab are integral to its operation. Because they are highly sensitive and vulnerable to the harsh conditions under which they are used, it takes only a modest accumulation of dust or chaff to cause a short-circuit or render a sensor and activator inoperable. When electronics go down, the impact on the workday can be significant.

    Physical damage can bring farming operations to a halt, but there’s a new threat to consider. Cyber events such as virus or malware attacks can also abruptly shut down farming operations. The resulting impact is no different than that of a fire or other mechanical failure - downtime, interruption of operations, and added expense.

    New risks demand new solutions for farmers. Having Precision Ag coverage is critical. A partnership with HSB ensures that your policyholders are getting the most comprehensive coverage and services available today.

    Insuring against computer attack and cyber extortion

    Cyber security threats have become more common and disruptive than ever, and modern farms and their data are vulnerable to them as well.

    Our Precision Ag coverage offers additional protection to the farmer against cyber security threats involving computer attack and cyber extortion. Protection also extends to personal devices used in the business of farming.

    Embedded coverage for computer attacks can include:

    • Data restoration and data re-creation
    • System restoration
    • Income loss and expense
    • Extended income recovery
    • Future loss avoidance

    Precision Ag support and services

    HSB experts will support you through product integration, filing, and marketing Precision Ag. We also provide Farm and Cyber claims experts and virtual claim services. 

    Risk management services

    As an HSB partner, your staff and policyholders have access to on-line operation and maintenance information, training, infrared and vibration surveys, as well as predictive analysis of transformer fluid, lube oil and methane gas, cyber tips and best practices, and underwriting data analytics.

    IoT / Sensor services

    HSB Connected Technologies provide farmers with a valuable early warning system that uses the latest IoT technology to detect water and monitor indoor temperatures. 

    Comprehensive cyber coverage

    Full cyber coverage is available with HSB’s Farm Cyber endorsement. 

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    Put our expertise to work for your clients.
    Protect them with HSB Precision Ag.

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