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ALLFINANZ Product Suite (PDF, 678 KB) | US version (PDF, 707 KB)

ALLFINANZ is a suite of software applications for new business underwriting and underwriting data analysis. ALLFINANZ is designed to help life insurance companies transform underwriting into a sales enabler and profit driver.

ALLFINANZ Interview Server (PDF, 654 KB) | US version (PDF, 2.2 MB)

ALLFINANZ Interview Server is an underwriter-controlled underwriting rules engine that gives insurers the ability to automatically underwrite life insurance policies at the point of sale and to issue them instantly.

ALLFINANZ Business Analytics (PDF, 914 KB) | US version (PDF, 576 KB)

ALLFINANZ Business Analytics is a reporting and analytics module that gives insurers complete and real time visibility into the effectiveness of their electronic new business process.

ALLFINANZ Dashboards (PDF, 627 KB) | US version (PDF, 485 KB)

The new Dashboard feature is a data visualisation tool that brings a rich set of underwriting data to life with scorecards, pre-defined KPIs and web based access to detailed reports.

ALLFINANZ Data Stream (PDF, 568 KB)  

ALLFINANZ Data Stream is an application that gives insurers access to the ALLFINANZ electronic underwriting data, and allows scheduled data transfers for integration and analysis into centralised corporate data warehouses.

ALLFINANZ Expert Rule Set (PDF, 753 KB) 

State-of-the-art underwriting rules to achieve higher STP rate and long term profitable growth

ALLFINANZ Underwriter Workbench (PDF, 1.3 MB) | US version (PDF, 668 KB)

ALLFINANZ Underwriter Workbench is an application designed to accelerate and simplify the manual underwriting of life insurance applications referred by the ALLFINANZ Interview Server rules engine.

ALLFINANZ Case Viewer (PDF, 749 KB) | US version (PDF, 446 KB)

ALLFINANZ Case Viewer is an application that enables underwriters and other functions to search, view and print the details of a case that have come through the ALLFINANZ underwriting rules engine.

ALLFINANZ Evidence Analyzer (PDF, 885 KB) | US version (PDF, 427 KB)

ALLFINANZ Evidence Analyzer provides a range of plug-ins that automates the collection and processing of third party electronic evidence in the new business underwriting process.

ALLFINANZ API (PDF, 1.1 MB) | US version (PDF, 521 KB)

ALLFINANZ API gives customers the ability to develop their own interview screens through which applicants answer questions and submit their underwriting data.

ALLFINANZ Offline (PDF, 387 KB) 

For an enhanced user experience via mobile device applications and/or for markets where internet connectivity is limited or bandwidth not sufficient, ALLFINANZ Offline gives life insurance companies the ability to develop their own offline risk assessment application.

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