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Compete against larger, more established insurers

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    Traditionally, the insurance market was difficult to break into. Entrenched competitors with an established loyal customer base and battle-tested new business systems meant that smaller players were left chasing after the scraps

    Today, digital technology has changed everything. It is now easier than ever to deliver customer experiences that match or exceed those already available in the market.

    Simply, you can be faster, smarter and closer to the customer. What's more, when you're not weighed down by legacy systems and structures, you can offer highly competitive prices and still realise a healthy return

    So how do you make it a reality?

    We can help you develop and deploy the digital capabilities you need to take on larger insurers and win. What's more, we'll get you there fast, enabling you to gain a powerful head start over competitors large and small, national and international. 

    You could start by accelerating quote processing using our SPECTRA solution. 

    Or to compete in every way that matters to today's digital-savvy customers, you could adopt our cloud-based automated new business solution, SPARK, giving you everything you need to automate new business and delight customers. 

    And, for those who want to dominate the competition with fully automated new business capabilities across multi-channel, multinational operations, ALLFINANZ offers a fully modular solution enabling you to tune your approach to your precise needs and objectives. 

    Simply, with our solutions, you can concentrate on delivering the kinds of customer experiences that will differentiate your offering in the market.

    The Munich Re Advantage

    With our solutions, you get: 

    • SaaS-based technology that's fast to implement and easy to integrate with what you already have in place
    • The flexibility to work the way you choose - whether you want to revolutionise the customer experience, change the rulebook you use or create your own from scratch, we've made it easy
    • A faster, more intuitive buying experience for customers, enabling them to buy when, where and how they prefer
    • Access to new sources of information as they become available in your country so you can make faster, more accurate decisions about cover
    • The ability to use in-depth business intelligence to better understand how your firm is performing and identify opportunities for improvement
    • A commitment to innovation - we pioneered automation in the insurance industry and we're laser-focused on using technology to continually reinvent the consumer's experience of buying insurance
    • The backing of a business who's been helping leading insurers revolutionise how they work for over 30 years