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Superior consulting services from Sony Life Insurance Japan

via an innovative application/declaration process using automated underwriting

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    Adviser productivity has benefited most. We know advisers’ dollars in per hour has risen. One adviser received our email notifying him of further underwriting requirements while still meeting with that client. That is fast service.
    Tatsuo Hasegawa
    Sony Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
    Senior Vice President Co-Creation Planning Division

    Sony life history and performance

    “From today, insurance will change. Life Planners will change it!” was the slogan used by Sony Life at its operational start in 1981. Life Planners started to promote tailor-made life insurance products under the mission statement “Providing sensible insurance protecting customers’ economic stability by high-level consulting”.

    The years since then have seen continuous growth, so that by Sony Life’s 30th anniversary in 2011, total assets exceeded JPY 5 trillion. In fiscal year 2012, total in-force business (1) amounted to JPY 37 trillion, including JPY 4.5bn in new business sales (1).

    Life planner value – four commitments

    At the launch of Sony Life’s Life Planner channel, there were just 27 Life Planners. Now there are more than 4,000 Life Planners consulting Sony Life’s customers under the corporate slogan “Walk along with our customers and contribute to the realization of their dreams throughout their lives”.

    To enable all employees to contribute to the execution of this concept, Sony Life established the “Life Planner Value – Four Commitments” guiding principle. To deliver their promises to customers, every single employee bases their concrete activities on the same lines, articulated by “Plan, Co-Creation, Professionalism, Society”.

    The co-creation project

    To enrich services after contract conclusion, Sony Life established the Co-Creation project in 2009. Life Planners and customers worked together to establish a foundation to efficiently provide high-level services on a wide scale. Under the first phase of the Co-Creation project, Sony Life launched the following three services for customers in May 2012:

    • Provision of information for follow-up consulting
    • Regular check of insurance benefits
    • Support in solving issues relating to illnesses and nursing care

    The second phase launched in October 2012 enabled paperless life insurance application by upgrading the sales support system with 5,000 new electronic devices. As a result, the application, bank transfer registration and health check-up reports are all now paperless, and declarations can also be handled onscreen. Real-time application handling lowers data transfer costs, reduces the burden on customers and Life Planners, and improves administration processes at head office.

    To read the entire case study, please download our pdf.

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