Turning pre-assessment chaos into sales

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    Transform pre-assessment into a business driver

    SPECTRA is our patented technology that radically reduces the time your people spend on delivering quick quotes.

    With SPECTRA, you can: 

    • Reduce the amount of time your underwriters spend on quick quotes with instant access to possible     underwriting outcomes
    • Get access to underwriting answers 24/7, every day of the year
    • Remove the need for field underwriting guides by giving advisers the information they need instantly 
    • Shorten the new business process by using underwriting results in the initial conversation
    • Get a built-in sales desk and intuitive conversion tools
    • Reuse your rulebook to reduce costs
    • Maintain consistency between your quick quote and your main underwriting operations
    • Eliminate the need for IT support with ready-to-go cloud-based solution
    • Deliver instant pre-assessment on virtually any device 

    With SPECTRA, you get everything you need to revolutionise how you deliver pre-assessments, improving the customer experience and shortening the time-to-cover. The solution's core capabilities include:

    Get a better picture of the suitability of cover for your customers
    Deliver better advice to customers about their options for cover
    Advise customers even when you don't yet have the full picture
    Help customers find better cover as you learn more about them
    Improve the accuracy of pre-assessments by leveraging existing examples