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Ellipse UK

Success story from the UK

Newcomer Ellipse Hits 85 Percent STP using the ALLFINANZ Underwriting Rules Engine from Munich Re

In 2008, Munich Re executives detected an opportunity within the group risk market to challenge current industry practices by creating a digital insurer. The resulting company, Ellipse, based in London UK, was designed from its first spark to automate and web-deliver a full range of group risk insurance products for companies of all sizes.
Zurich Germany Increases Customer Flow, Binds Marketers, Expects 20 Percent Lower Admin Costs

Success story from Germany

Zurich Germany Increases Customer Flow, Binds Marketers, Expects 20 Percent Lower Admin Costs

“I’m closing more contracts and we project cutting our medical GP costs by half, and overall administrative costs by 20 percent. We’re below industry averages in these expenses now and are still trimming.” says Dr. Christian Kirsch, Chief Underwriting Officer at Zurich Life Germany.
PruProtect (UK)

Success story from the UK

VitalityLife (formerly PruProtect) gains early foothold and profits through fast applications and ‘invisible’ underwriting

"Smart interview questions and rules send fewer referrals up to human underwriting. That pushed straight-through processing to more than 60 percent and growing."
EuroLife Cyprus

Success story from Cyprus

Cyprus-based EuroLife cuts sign-up times by 66 percent and medical costs by 20 percent

Clearly refined questions and rules, combined with marketing efficiencies, have resulted in a 20 percent reduction in underwriting-related medical costs and lower staffing in the underwriting department.
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Winning Strategies in Life Insurance New Business

Winning Strategies in Life Insurance New Business
Hear from leading industry experts and gain insight into how automated underwriting can help life insurers create long term sustainable growth.

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