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Car on a snowy country road.

Get Swept Away

Tornado VR Experience

Munich Re, US’s VR Tornado Experience demonstrates the damage and destruction this phenomenon can cause. Visit our booth at a number of upcoming industry events for the full effect, or view the video on YouTube with any VR glasses set.
Car on a snowy country road.


Year of the Floods

Rarely have flash floods, river flooding and storm surges been so prevalent in 2016.
TOPICS Online: Economics from a risk perspective

Topics Schadenspiegel 02/2016

Wildfires in Canada

Devastating wildfires raged out of control in the province of Alberta in 2016, leading to the worst natural catastrophe in Canadian history.

Topics 01/2016

New issue: The magazine for insurers - facts, markets, positions.

We are pleased to present you the latest issue of our client magazine Topics.

Topics Risk Solutions 1/2016

Making light work of controlling heavy machinery.

Digitization increases efficiency in the mining industry. And introduces new risks.
Construction crew.

Property/Casualty Reinsurance

Always one step ahead

As a leading reinsurer, we deal with the issues that affect business and society and work to devise cutting-edge risk management and risk transfer solutions that render tomorrow's world insurable.

Knowledge and resources

Cyber Risk

Senior Vice President Keith Farrell provides a quick overview of first-party and third-party cyber risk liability, looks at the waterfall effects of a loss and offers risk management strategies for dealing with cyber risks.

Knowledge from our affiliate companies

7 tips and tools every small business needs to save money on energy

Connected home resources

HSB is helping homeowners benefit from Connected Home technology.

Latest news

Recent Publication

The reinsurance contract wording process in the US has moved within a short period of just a decade from a backroom function to one of being “shoulder to shoulder” with the underwriter.


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