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A leader in Living Benefits Reinsurance

For nearly two decades, Munich Re has been an active participant in the living benefits line of business, becoming the preeminent reinsurer of living benefits coverage.

Our living benefits team includes an experienced technical and analytical staff. Their expertise and understanding of the latest morbidity trends and product designs help all of us make sound risk management decisions. Our core living benefits staff is enhanced by specialists in living benefits underwriting, claims, and administration. Together, this expanded team focuses on flexibility and anticipating the direction of the market so that we can move quickly when you need us.

  • State-of-the-art EDGE underwriting manual with a dedicated DI module
  • Facultative underwriting services
  • Expertise and advice for underwriting, claims and actuarial best practices
  • Client education and training programs
  • Biometric research

We believe that there is still more room for this market to grow and we are committed to fostering that growth. Through DI Made Easy, a turnkey, individual DI product developed in conjunction with Disability Management Services, Inc., Munich Re seeks to provide insurers with an economical solution for reaching the middle market.

Whatever your line of business, from traditional disability income products to cutting edge middle market approaches, you can call on Munich Re to provide the expertise, creative solutions and strength you need.

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