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Corporate Responsibility

A commitment to our stakeholders and to society as a whole.

We are committed to fulfilling our corporate responsibility towards our stakeholders. We have integrated responsible action into our strategy and have firmly embedded it in our organization. We are also committed to creating sustainable value for our clients in a responsible manner that gives full consideration to ecological and social aspects in the interests of our staff and for the benefit of society.

We believe this holistic approach is the best way to secure the long-term success of our integrated business model. 

We institute corporate responsibility throughout our business, beginning with our commitment to the highest ethical conduct in our business practices and extending to the value we create in our reinsurance relationships and for our stakeholders. It is found in our products and services, in our employment practices and policies, in our continuing efforts toward responsible use of natural resources in our business operations, and in our commitment to giving and volunteerism.

Committed to Diversity and Inclusion

Our mission: To value and leverage the full potential of our employees by building leadership capabilities,

empowering a diverse workforce and creating an inclusive workplace. We encourage diversity in the workplace and promote an inclusive environment, which helps drive growth in our business. We believe an inclusive culture fosters more engaged colleagues who bring their best selves to work and feel more connected to their co-workers and the company. For us, inclusion is about creating an environment where differences are welcomed, valued and leveraged and colleagues have a greater sense of purpose.

Our Executive Board, active Employee Resource Groups, key partnerships with external industry associations and organizations representing diverse communities, along with our Diversity & Inclusion Council, have helped build a strong foundation of inclusion and helps us continue our mission. 

Committed to Sustainability

Operating our company in an earth-friendly manner figures prominently in all our decision-making processes. Our management of company-owned properties strive to minimize the negative impact we have on the planet; conserve our natural resources wherever possible; eliminate, significantly reduce or offset our responsibility for the production of carbon dioxide; and minimize the waste stream from our operations.

We work to act responsibly and apply common sense to all that we do, including a strong consideration of the environment. Our local sustainability initiatives are consistent with the increased awareness of sustainability within our society. Some of the programs we engage in include recycling, CO2 reduction and renewable energy consumption. We also invest responsibly, including applying UN environmental, social, and corporate governance principals.

Committed to Charitable Giving

We believe corporate responsibility means active responsibility towards our employees, the environment and the community in which we live and work. We have a long history of engaging employees and encouraging cooperation across businesses and communities. We take a strategic approach to our commitments as a corporate citizen.

In addition to charitable activities at our business unit locations, we support projects at a national and local level that have a concrete connection with our business; and we involve our employees to an increased extent wherever possible. The active governance of our social commitment is one of the three pillars of our corporate responsibility strategy.