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Introducing Automated EHR Summarizer for truly accelerated underwriting

Fueling your digital evolution: Faster and smarter.

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    It’s time for faster decision-making throughout the life insurance value chain.

    With rising customer expectations, insurers need instant, cost-effective access to medical data relevant to insurance underwriting. Rooted in our track record of superior risk assessment, and Clareto’s  leadership in digital health data, Munich Re Life US is leveraging data from Electronic Health  Records (EHRs) in an industry-leading innovation.

    Our Automated EHR Summarizer makes it easy to replace more costly data sources like blood and urine samples and attending physician statements, by making previously inaccessible data seamlessly available for quick–and more accurate–decisioning.

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    A next-gen digital solution for risk assessment

    Automated EHR Summarizer optimizes EHRs for efficient use in underwriting and risk assessment. Normalizing EHR data directly from the source, our solution highlights core data points identified as essential by underwriters, and provides triage guidance. Automated EHR Summarizer delivers key information relevant for underwriting and highlighting risk factors in two available formats: an easy-to-review html report and structured digital data for use in a carrier’s own rules, models, and analytics.

    Leading EHR innovation
    Automated EHR Summarizer is the first product to deliver an intelligent and intuitive synopsis of EHR data in an accelerated setting. 

    Built for underwriters
    An ideal data source for light-touch underwriting and post-issue review, Automated EHR Summarizer incorporates Munich Re Life US' extensive underwriting expertise.

    More than a report–an unparalleled advantage

    Built to maximize the value of EHRs for underwriting, the Automated EHR Summarizer stands apart from other EHR offerings in depth of expertise, flexible functionality and future-ready technology.
    Pioneering technology for life insurance
    Cutting-edge solution extracts and structures EHR data for digital consumption
    Efficiency born from experience
    Decades of risk assessment leadership allows us to deliver the data underwriters need to make more accurate decisions
    Exclusive triage guidance
    The only EHR product that saves time by identifying clean data that can bypass human review
    Native solution for EHRs
    Developed with EHRs in mind while leveraging FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources)
    Flexibility for automated underwriting
    Built for use in rule engines, scoring models, and analytics, powering the shift to automated decisioning
    Largest health data network
    Source data from Clareto, a Munich Re company and leader in medical data for insurance with nationwide EHR+ network

    Electronic Health Records - Reshaping the risk paradigm

    An EHR is a real-time, patient-centered record available quickly and securely to authorized users and designed to improve information sharing between medical providers. EHRs are positioned to create widespread value across the insurance industry by helping to facilitate superior risk assessment.

    June Quah
    June Quah
    Vice President
    Integrated Analytics
    Munich Re North America Life
    Dave Dorans
    Dave Dorans
    Clareto, a Munich Re Company

    Faster forward

    EHR adoption rates are rising faster than all other digital health data. Projected to be the leading source of medical data for underwriting in the future, the time to get comfortable using EHRs is now. You can easily implement Automated EHR Summarizer today, backed by the insurance experience and technology of Munich Re Life US and Clareto. Plus, future product evolutions are planned for continuous advancement. Connect with our expert team to get started.