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Group Insurance

Your expert partner in group insurance

Munich Re leads the global reinsurance market by net premiums and Munich Re Life US, a subsidiary of Munich Re, is one of the largest group benefits reinsurers in the U.S. Our clients become and maintain their position as industry leaders when they partner with us, leveraging our broad industry perspective and expert resources. We are uniquely positioned to solve risk challenges, helping to transform the market by staying ahead of external factors impacting our business.

Munich Re’s U.S. team of industry specialists are backed by our global network of actuarial, underwriting and claims experts, providing us with insights into worldwide insurance trends and innovation. Our history of rock-solid financial stability provides us with unparalleled capacity and an appetite for growth.

Partner with us, evolve and grow with confidence.

Passion drives innovative thinking and solutions

We are committed to transforming the group underwriting process to assist our carrier partners in expanding insurability, and extending protection to as many people as possible. We pride ourselves in delivering a wealth of group benefits expertise and capabilities and leverage our vast block of group and IDI business to provide our  clients with insights other reinsurers cannot replicate. We are a diverse and talented team focused on solutions that help you solve today’s problems and anticipate tomorrow's challenges.

Re|examine the evolving insurance landscape

Watch for our communications and register for webinars that focus on examining current issues that impact the group and living benefits markets.

Translating research into actionable underwriting insights

Our knowledge of underwriting extends across multiple product lines, including Group Disability, Group Life, Individual Disability and Individual Life. We make it our business to stay abreast of the latest medical developments — as well as associated mortality and morbidity risks — and we translate our research and critical insight into actionable underwriting practices. Because of our global presence, we approach risk from a broad, well informed perspective.

Business Transformation

Our Biometrics, Analytics and Business Transformation teams continually develop new tools and refine processes to enhance risk evaluation, data collection, and streamline underwriting. They also assist our clients in profitably growing their business by accurately identifying, writing, and pricing the most attractive business.

Claims expertise

The claims landscape is evolving every day. We provide support and deep expertise to help ensure your claims team has the proper risk management practices in place to pay claims accurately and efficiently. You are free to focus on fostering client relationships, knowing that we’ll support your claim adjudication goals. Our broad industry footprint and global expertise enables us to provide valuable consultation through:  

  • Training
  • Tools and best practices
  • Complex consultation
  • Claims requiring financial consultation
  • Mediation and settlement expertise
  • Claims analytics services
  • Vendor services

Actuarial expertise

We are experts in risk assessment, pricing and actuarial modeling techniques. Our experienced actuarial team holds leadership roles in key Society of Actuaries workgroups, and we bring deep insights into group products from both the direct carrier and reinsurance perspective.  We provide customized consultation and service project deliverables and we are constantly researching group mortality, morbidity, demographic and employment trends to increase insurability and mitigate risk.  Examples of our actuarial consultative services include:

  • Stochastic modeling to understand volatility of group claim costs
  • Mortality improvement variations 
  • Analysis of aging and retirement trends
  • Compare rates to publicly available competitors’ manuals
  • Optimizing medical underwriting processes
  • Benchmarking and recommendations for group pricing
  • Development of voluntary anti-selection loads
  • Onsite presentations and continuing education for actuarial
Primary Contact
Dawn McMaster
Dawn McMaster
2nd Vice President, Business Development
Group & Living Benefits

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