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    In today’s fast-paced, high-tech environment, identifying new insurtech tools and solutions to meet your unique needs can be both timely and costly. As part of our commitment to bringing Group and Individual Disability carriers meaningful solutions, Munich Re Life US has vetted hundreds of new technologies on our client’s behalf to bring you the most cutting-edge claim tools, now available through the Munich Re Life US Claim Suite.

    The Claims Suite comprises innovative partnerships with leading insurtechs to bring you solutions proven to positively impact carriers’ disability claim operations – at a preferred price for Munich Re Life US clients. We invite you to explore these solutions and to contact us to learn more.

    EvolutionIQ: AI-based claim guidance

    Monitor daily open claims, guiding claim examiners to cases that require more attention, new actions, or complex decision-making with EvolutionIQ’s advanced machine learning integrated with your existing systems.

    The problem:

    • Claim analysts managing large volumes of claims
    • Carrier systems capture limited data
    • Majority of information housed within the claim file

    EvolutionIQ solution:

    • Aggregates structured and unstructured data
    • Generates a claim score
    • Centralizes all claimant information into a simple dashboard view
    • Increases analysts' capacity

    The Claim Lab: uncovering mental health complexities

    Drive improved claim outcomes such as appropriately reduced durations and increased return to work with The Claim Lab’s proprietary questionnaire, enabling claim examiners to gain comprehensive psychosocial claimant data.

    The problem:

    • Roughly 10% of LTD claims reflect a primary diagnosis related to mental health, but the problem is much larger
    • 50% of non-psych claims have underlying evidence of depression and/or anxiety, which increase claim durations by 25% or longer

    Claim Lab solution:

    • Appropriately reduce claim durations and free up reserves
    • Increase timely return to work
    • Provide a holistic view of claims much earlier in the process
    • Improve claim staff proficiency in mental health interviewing Lab: understanding overall claimant risk

    Access new, unbiased claimant lifestyle data, gaining a more precise and comprehensive view of a claimant’s circumstances and activities using’s customer insight engine.

    The problem:

    • Claim organizations face pressure from growing claim volumes, limited staff, and increased artificial intelligence (AI)
    • Challenges hiring and retaining talent
    • Ramp time to become familiar with case files
    • Common data sources provide limited claim insights
    • Complexities of navigating AI regulations

    OWL solution:

    • Uncover new, unbiased, and compliant data to create a comprehensive view of claimant circumstances
    • Prioritize surveillance to lower costs
    • Increase team and investigations efficiency
    • Identify fraud and malingering


    Sparta Science: reducing risk of Musculoskeletal (MSK) injury

    Help prevent functional injury and decline before it leads to disability claims and lost worker productivity using Sparta Science's Movement Health Platform to predict and reduce risk.

    The problem:

    • MSK injuries/illness is the number one cause of disability claims
    • Current MSK assessments and diagnostics are subjective

    Sparta Science solution:

    • Provides an objective, science-based, and measurable assessment
    • Identifies areas of weakness and limitation before pain or injury occurs
    • Provides individualized exercise and stretching recommendations
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