Meaningful Solutions for a Changing World

Leveraging data from numerous sources to help clients gain a deeper understanding of underlying risk

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    Every day you’re navigating complex regulations and fending off competitive threats from traditional industry rivals as well as digital-first new entrants. Meanwhile your customers are demanding evermore instantaneous, relevant and accurate insurance products and services, with an effortless experience at every touchpoint.

    To meet these challenges, Munich Re Life US is developing solutions that help you leverage data from a variety of sources, make confident decisions at speed and scale, and gain a deeper understanding of underlying risk.

    Solutions for a digital age

    In an age where regulatory uncertainty and digital disruption generate both significant threats and considerable opportunities, Munich Re Life US is taking a client-centric approach.

    We take a wide look across the industry landscape to provide you with actionable insights, and we’re actively developing new tools and partnerships with visionaries to help expand insurability.

    The speed, depth, accuracy and efficiency with which we can deliver insights matters. Through predictive analytics, we can build even more value, gain new insights into customer segments and innovate your customer journey.
    Our in-depth expertise in risk assessment and advanced technical capabilities helps us establish unique partnerships with clients to drive innovation and deliver meaningful solutions.

    At Munich Re Life US, we are building sophisticated tools that can deliver real time insights for clients on multiple portfolios of risk. We are accelerating and improving the accuracy of risk selection with new statistical and machine learning techniques. 

    One such new tool is DAP, our Digital Assessment Platform, a powerhouse risk evaluation engine that delivers real-time insights on multiple portfolios of risk. Advanced applications of predictive analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence enhance risk selection, ultimately leading to more profitable underwriting, better decision making and refined risk management.

    Accelerated and transformative underwriting experiences

    We are proud to offer customers a variety of options that support sound risk assessment techniques. We are tackling risk assessment from multiple perspectives.

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