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Global Data & Analytics Conference 2021
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Global Data & Analytics Conference 2021

Conference video recordings

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    Data & Analytics in the insurance industry

    Dear clients!

    On September 23, we hosted our Global Data & Analytics Conference – this time in a fully virtual format. At the conference, we presented our views on latest developments and future trends on big data, artificial intelligence and data analytics in insurance and beyond. Additionally, our invited guest speakers shared new perspectives on how the future of visualization and analytics may look like with all of us.

    Unfortunately, time zone conflicts and fully booked calendars may have made it impossible for you to attend all presentations that were interesting for you. Therefore, we would like to share selected presentations to (re)watch below. 

    Please note that access to the videos is restricted to our clients and thus the links to the videos or this website must not be shared. In case of any questions or inquiries, please reach out to the conference team or your client manager.

    The structure below follows the structure of our content sessions on the day of the agenda. To jump to the respective session, please click the links below: 

    From Spreadsheets to Immersive Data  

    Jad Meouchy, CTO Bad VR  
    Eduard Krämer, Head of Sales Holo-Light

    Project Demo: How to run a successful analytics project

    Various speakers

    Panel discussion: Cultural Change and Disruption through Analytics

    Fabian Winter, Munich Re
    Tom van den Brulle, Munich Re
    Matteo Cattaneo, Reale Mutua Italy
    Additional client representative


    Five brief lessons on Enterprise AI

    Vishal Sikka, CEO VIANAI

    Digital Work Design for Data & Analytics Organisations

    Prof. Isabell Welpe, TU Munich

    Ethical AI

    Stephan Meyer, Head of Artificial Intelligence, MR Munich

    aiSureTM – Enabling AI adoption as an emerging line of business

    Michael Berger, Head of AI Insurance, MR Palo Alto
    Susana Latorre, Underwriter, MR Munich

    Augmenting underwriting and claims with AI

    Lee Sarkin, Chief Analytics Officer, MR Singapore

    Fraud Waste and Abuse Detection in Health Insurance

    Oliver Eisele, Head of Underwriting and Actuarial, MR Dubai
    Muhammad Tanzeel Iqbal, Actuarial Analytics Consultant, MR Dubai

    Actuarial analytics in life insurance with the help of generalized additive models

    Sven Haunerland, Senior Actuary, MR Munich

    Providing customers with unparalleled insights into pooled insurance data

    Stefanie Schöppl, Consultant Business Analytics, MR Munich
    Michael Gandrud, Senior Project Manager, MR Munich

    HSB Analytics Product Development and Applications: Location Risk Score and Policy Attrition Network

    Mahsa Almaeenejad, Principal Data Scientist, HSB Hartford

    Customer Analytics across lines of business

    Julia Krezdorn, Consultant Advanced Analytics, MR Munich

    Claim Fraud Detection   – Motor

    Balacoumarane Vetrivel, Data Analyst, MR Singapore

    ImRiSc – Analytics for building insurance

    Minh-Anh Le, Consultant Advanced Analytics, MR Munich

    Data in Insurance

    Till Böhmer, Head of Data Hunting, MR Munich
    Christopher Ordowich, Head of Data Hunting North America, MR Princeton

    Augmented Data Management for insurance

    Johannes Dueck, Consultant Data Engineering, MR Munich

    Extracting data from unstructured broker communication to create non-binding quotes

    Matthias Kaper, Senior Consultant Artificial Intelligence, MR Munich
    Colm McEntee, Product Manager, MR Dublin

    From Training to Transformation

    Andreas Bayerstadler, Head of Central Analytics, MR Munich

    The Bionic Actuary

    Massimo Cavadini, Head of Actuarial Consulting & Data Analytics, MR Munich

    Growing the Data-Driven Decision Making Leaders of the Future

    Elizabeth Barth-Thacker, VP Business Intelligence and Analytics, American Modern Amelia

    How to promote corporate learning with AI? From promising applications to potential pitfalls.

    Till Klein, Senior Manager AI Academy, appliedAI – UnternehmerTUM

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