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Munich Re’s
Top Talent Programme 2024

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    Advance, an exclusive five-week invitation-only programme for our most-valued clients, aims to boost business expertise, upskill leadership competence, and connect insurance industry managers. The business-school-oriented curriculum is open to just twelve participants each year.

    With all the fundamental changes over the past few years – from the pandemic and global lockdowns to a major energy crisis, war and inflation – everyone seems to be looking to get their bearings.

    Accordingly, our special theme in 2024 is RE-focus: together, we will take a look at developments that have a decisive impact on our sector – ones that already under way and those that will shape its development in the future. This will enable us to re-focus our priorities on topics that really matter. 

    Why Advance?

    First launched in 1953, the Advance programme has a long tradition at Munich Re – more than 70 years. Its core purpose remains the same: connecting people and providing expert support. Today’s Advance programme equips the industry’s top talent from all over the globe with the knowledge and skills required in a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world. The selected candidates will get insights into the insurance industry challenges together with Munich Re experts and – last but not least – they will establish a strong and lasting (re)insurance network. 

    The Advance programme is hosted by Florian Makoto Gruson, Head of Global Sales & Distribution at Munich Reinsurance Company.

    Where and when?

    The Advance programme takes place at Munich Re’s headquarters in Munich, Germany, from Thursday, 16 May to Wednesday, 19 June 2024. Participants will be accommodated at the Munich Re Guest House, located close to the Company’s main building in the heart of Schwabing.

    Who qualifies?

    Representatives of selected Munich Re insurance clients around the world, matching the following profile

    • Minimum 3–4 years of management experience
    • Profound insurance knowledge
    • Strong strategic and conceptual skills
    • Curious about insurance innovation and shaping new business solutions
    • Eager to share and grow
    • Keen to work in a diverse team 
    • Fluent in English

    What to expect?

    • Receive first-class academic tuition in insurance management and participate in executive management training for insurance professionals
    • Broaden your perspectives on the global insurance industry context
    • Gain valuable theoretical, practical and methodological skills
    • Get access to Munich Re’s Board members and senior executives 
    • Experience Munich Re and connect with our expertise and culture

    Course overview

    Course overview
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    The Advance programme is sponsored by Munich Re and thus offered free of charge. The following expenses are not included and must be borne by our clients: travel costs (flights), costs for a planned one-week field trip to London (flights and accommodation) and the participant’s salary/personal expenses during the stay.

    Value of the programme/tax regulations

    In addition to the expertise and ideas exchanged between Munich Re and the participants, the value of the programme for each candidate amounts to approximately €20,000. Candidates must make sure that they are permitted to accept the invitation under their employer’s internal compliance rules and local tax regulations.

    Important information on costs and compliance

    The following people are not eligible to participate:
    Anyone holding any kind of public office (also in addition to their regular employment/assignment)

    Who to contact?

    If you think you’re a good fit for the Advance programme or have any questions, please contact your Munich  Re client manager or email the Advance project team.  

    Advance partners

    Munich Re’s main programme partners will be two renowned business schools: Hult Ashridge International Business School, UK and the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland.

    Hult EF is the B2B division of two renowned organisations – Hult International Business School, one of only 1% of business schools worldwide that are triple accredited, and EF Education First, the world’s leading private education provider. Hult EF combines high-quality academic heritage (from Ashridge Business School) with state-of-the-art experiential & practical learning. They have a 60-year history in transforming cultures in organisations and are consistently in the global top 20 in the Financial Times’ annual ranking for Executive Education. As a group, they are truly international with campuses and offices in over 50 countries, including the beautiful Ashridge House just outside London, once home to King Henry VIII, now the perfect setting for moments that matter.

    The Institute of Insurance Economics at the University of St. Gallen is an international research and education institute in the area of risk management and insurance. It cooperates internationally and across disciplines with partners from academia and practice in order to deliver outstanding and contemporary research and executive education. 

    University of St. Gallen is one of the best providers of executive education in Europe and no. 1 in German-speaking countries.

    Would you like to know more?

    Please contact your respective client manager.

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