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Comprehensive cover for commercial computer hardware, data losses, increased costs, and virus, hacking and denial of service

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    The working landscape has changed significantly, with hybrid working now the new norm for millions of employees. But with less time now spent working in designated offices and premises, what should businesses be thinking about in terms of managing their computer equipment risks?

    Whilst there is often the option to insure computer equipment under a commercial combined or property policy, these may not fully cover all computer risks.

    Have businesses considered these computer equipment risks?

    Transit risks

    Hybrid work environments

    Accidental damage

    Physical loss - Theft - Accidental damage
    Shared office spaces - Home-based offices - Shared homes
    Pets - Children - Vermin
    HSB Knowledge Squad Podcast: 'The role of business computer insurance in an evolving digital world'

    HSB's Mathew Prentice, Stacey Sheridan, and Andy Meanock discuss how evolving working trends are impacting business computer-related insurance risks, and what key computer equipment exposures businesses need to consider.

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    HSB research report: 'How evolving working trends are impacting computer-related risks'

    Examining the seismic shift towards hybrid working in the UK following the Covid-19 pandemic.

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    Our Response

    HSB Computer Insurance is a commercial product specifically designed to offer comprehensive cover for computer-related risks.

    Our policy is split into sections, providing customers with the flexibility to choose the level of cover they need.

    Hardware (core cover)

    Reinstatement of data

    Increased cost of working

    Virus, hacking and denial of service attack

    'Reinstatement of data', 'Increased cost of working', and 'Virus, hacking and denial of service attack' can be selected in addition to 'Hardware' to enhance the level of cover.

    In addition, 'Virus, hacking and denial of service attack' cover also automatically extends to cover 'Reinstatement of data' and 'Increased cost of working', if these additional covers have been purchased by the customer.

    • Electronic office equipment can be automatically included under 'Section 1 - Hardware'. For example, photocopiers; video, audio conferencing and projection equipment; and associated software and programs.
    • Extra hardware is automatically covered up to maximum £500,000, during the annual period of insurance, should the insured accidently forget to inform us.
    • Following an incident, cover will pay to remove viruses and will help clients to get specialist advice to prevent future viruses or hacking.
    • Full theft cover – no forcible and violent entry/exit condition.
    • Low policy excesses (£150) and nil for damage caused by fire, lightning, explosion, aircraft and theft. Only £50 excess for mobile telephones and smartphones.
    We can also provide our partners with innovative, all-encompassing SME computer solutions. If you’re looking to provide specialist computer cover as part of your commercial proposition, contact our team.

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    Claims Examples

    HSB Computer Insurance in action

    An insured’s premises experienced extensive flooding following a storm, resulting in various items of computer and other IT equipment being submerged in flood water.
    During a presentation, an insured’s MacBook was accidentally knocked off a table. Not only was the screen damaged in the fall, it had also warped and, as a result, the computer would not enter sleep mode when the lid was closed. The laptop was deemed to be beyond repair.
    The main power distribution board at a firm of solicitors suffered a power spike. The resulting  failure caused considerable damage and disruption to the computer network. Data had  to be restored by a specialist IT company.
    An employee of a manufacturing company became the victim of crime when their laptop was stolen from the boot of their vehicle.

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