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Guidance on temporary closure of construction sites

Risk management

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    The following provides guidance on how to manage a construction site shutdown in order to reduce the risks and impact of any issues during a temporary closure of the works

    Temporary closure - pre-planning considerations

    • Carry out a risk assessment of the site
    • Consider the legal and contractual implications of a temporary closure of the site
    • Create a close down plan which specifically details critical areas on the site
    • Establish a list of key contacts and detail responsibilities

    Temporary closure - when demobilisation commences

    • Document the progress made on site to date
    • Ensure emergency services access plans and provisions remain in place
    • Remove waste from the site or secure covered and lockable containers
    • Remove or secure scaffolding to prevent access
    • Inspect current temporary support works
    • Establish additional temporary support works for part built structures
    • Back fill or cover over excavations and ensure dewatering systems are working
    • Lock anti-climb hatches on tower cranes and note the expiry date of the certificate of thorough examination
    • Retain essential electrical power supplies but drain down water systems and shut off water and gas supplies
    • Remove materials and plant from site back to a secure depot or secure within lockable containers and buildings
    • Check the site fencing and make any necessary repairs
    • Establish site security during the closure period (whether staffed or remote monitoring)
    • Record contact information for key personnel and establish responsibility for site access
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