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Equipment breakdown: the true cost to organisations

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    Today's machinery and equipment is more high-tech and specialised than ever, but it can also be more unpredictable. As machinery and equipment have evolved, so too have the risks. Mechanical and electrical breakdowns are almost unavoidable for businesses and organisations, and they can happen at any time.

    Our whitepaper explores equipment exposures that businesses and organisations may typically overlook, the true cost of equipment failures, and why equipment breakdown insurance is commonly misunderstood but can be a fundamental element of a comprehensive insurance plan in an unpredictable environment.

    Equipment breakdown: the true cost to organisations

    HSB's equipment breakdown solutions

    HSB Machinery and Technology Combined

    HSB Machinery Inherent Defects Insurance

    Our equipment breakdown insurance for businesses and organisations operating machinery and equipment.
    Our equipment breakdown insurance for mechanical and electrical services installed in newly-constructed and refurbished buildings.
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