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We are reducing claims, one sensor at a time.

ice cream counter shop
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The sensors are working every second of the day, every week of the year. We've already detected and avoided multiple losses in the building, and the sensors have already paid for themselves. The only regret I have is not putting them in earlier.
Gareth Hill
Munich Re of Canada
Senior Vice President, Finance & CFO
ice cream counter shop
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We had an alert on our walk-in cooler telling us it was running too warm. I was able to call the refrigeration repair service and he was able to come in and make the necessary repairs before all the food in the cooler spoiled.
Tony Albano
Pazzo Café
Food market fridge aisle
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I get a text telling me there is water in the basement. I get down to the store and find water gushing from a pipe and four inches of water on the floor. I shut the main line off and prevented it from getting much worse. Without that alert it would have been a big loss.
Bob Kane
Kane's Market
Interior of a church
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The parish has avoided $65,000 in freezing and water escape losses since installing the sensors.
Hank Pecoski
St. Mary’s Parish
General Manager