Why do I need Sensor Solutions by HSB?
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A Comprehensive Guide to Sensor Solutions by HSB:

Covering Pricing, Data Security,
End Users Enrollment and Connectivity.

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    1. Pricing

    What is the pricing of the sensors?

    HSB sensors have been priced competitively for the marketplace. Pricing is flexible and tailored to each client’s needs. For more information please contact us at iot@biico.com

    2. Data Security

    How are you ensuring data security?

    The data being transferred by the equipment (IoT gateway and sensors) is end-to-end encrypted and anonymized to ensure that no customer-specific information is compromised.

    The IoT platform has also attained Service Organization Control (SOC 2) Type 1 Data Security Certification. The certification affirms that our information security practices, policies, and procedures meet the standards for security established by the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Professional Accountants).

    The gateways use cellular networks to send and receive data. This means that they are not connected to the user’s wireless/corporate works and do not provide a potential security vulnerability to be exploited.

    Who owns the data collected?

    The customer owns the data.

    3. What types of businesses / occupancies would benefit from this program?

    Our equipment has been deployed in over twenty different types of businesses/occupancies across North America, such as residential and commercial realty, medical and healthcare, food & beverage, hotels and hospitality, houses of worship, retirement and senior facilities, education, and grocery stores. We typically partner with risk management firms, program administrators, reciprocals, primary insurers and mutuals to evaluate the end-users that would benefit most from an IoT Program.

    4. Gateway and Connectivity

    What is the IoT gateway device?

    The IoT gateway is a communication device to bridge the gap between the sensors and HSB Canada’s back-end cloud network. It also offers local processing and storage capabilities. HSB Canada’s IoT gateway sets up a LoRaWAN network for sensors to communicate securely and connects itself to a cellular network for data transmission to the back-end cloud network. It also comes with an Ethernet (RJ-45) port to connect to a local network for instances where there is low cellular connectivity or no cellular network.

    Does the IoT gateway run on batteries?

    The IoT gateway runs on main power but comes with a backup battery so it can continue to relay the sensor data to the network even when the facility is going through a power outage. Typically, backup battery life is up to four hours.

    How can the system be set up in a rural area with low or no cellular coverage?

    The IoT gateway utilizes extremely low bandwidth and therefore works well in areas with a sub-average cellular signal strength. However, for areas with extremely low or no cellular network coverage at all, the IoT gateway has an Ethernet (RJ-45) port for connectivity.

    What is the battery life for the sensors?

    Since the sensors operate on LoRa, which is a low power modulation technique, the sensors consume their batteries extremely slowly. This means the average battery life is around five to eight years.

    5. End User Enrollment

    Does HSB Canada have material or guidance to assist in encouraging end-user buy-in to support the IoT Program?

    Yes, HSB Canada has multiple ways to encourage end-user buy-in:

    • Promotional materials, such as brochures, case studies, and customer testimonials.
    • Anonymized data including demonstrated return on investment (ROI) for several types of occupancies.
    • Conduct customized presentations to educate all stakeholders on the full benefits of the program.
    • Facilitate client onboarding through comprehensive training sessions, guiding them step-by-step through sensor installations, and providing hands-on experience with the mobile app and web portals.    

    Have questions?

    Connect with us at : iot@biico.com